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Technical Tidbits 1/21

In which Paul Johnson channels his inner SEC coach.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Johnson recently made a "grayshirt" offer to WR/DB Brad Stewart, a very talented player who has been largely overlooked throughout his high school career. The offer means that Johnson is offering Stewart a chance to walk on until a scholarship becomes available, at which point he would officially be on a football schedule at Georgia Tech. It is a practice that we talk a lot about in a negative way and usually in association with factory schools, but in this case it is a perfectly legitimate offer to a prospect who has been overlooked. Stewart is someone who, with his 4.2 GPA and outstanding athletic abilities, has more than enough talent to succeed in division one football and why he hasn't gotten more attention is beyond me.

As Ben alluded to in this FanShot yesterday, Auburn and Georgia Tech are currently looking into reviving their old football rivalry which has been dead for a decade. This would be the first major move made by Mike Bobinski during his time on the Flats (unless he makes a coaching change for the basketball team first) and would likely be a welcome sight for both fanbases -- Auburn is barely further from Atlanta than Athens is, so the rivalry makes a lot of sense geographically. The athletic department has already taken a step in the right direction in terms of this series by scheduling Auburn on the upcoming Georgia Tech baseball schedule, but reviving the football rivalry would be very good news. I might even be in favor of rotating Auburn and Georgia in and out of our schedule each year, but that's a whole different discussion.

SB Nation recently released their top 100 college football games of 2014 post, and it features Georgia Tech's matchups at No. 90 (vs. Georgia Southern), No. 80 (at UNC),  No. 31 (vs. Florida State), and No. 13 (at Georgia). That is some great recognition for what was a great season of Georgia Tech football and I can't say that I disagree with the placement of any of the games. If I had to move one around, I'd probably raise Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate up just a few spots because it was just too great to be in the double digits.

Meanwhile in the NFL, the Commissioner's Office is currently investigating whether or not those cheating Patriots actually deflated game balls for the AFC Championship game against the Colts. If it is found that the Pats did in fact use balls which were not up to regulation, they could lose multiple future picks and what remaining respect we have for their organization. They better be glad that my guy Mike Wilbon isn't in charge of the NFL, because he thinks that the Patriots should vacate their appearance in Super Bowl XLIX if the allegations are true. Wilbon for autocratic dictator of the world? Yes.

What are your thoughts on renewing the rivalry with Auburn? Would you consider playing Georgia/Auburn every other year?

Have a great Wednesday!