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Mailbag 1/19

In which we take a look back at the Robert Carter for Charles Mitchell trade.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

What does the fox say?

Honestly, I've never heard this song. Nor do I really care to.

How did the recruiting visits go this weekend? Who visited, and who do we feel good about?

Joey put out this tweetcap of the weekend, so we'll get a pretty good reaction from everybody that way. Here's a list of the recruits visiting.

Name Position Star Rating High School Commitment
KirVonte Benson AB 247Sports: two-star
Rivals: three-star
Marietta Georgia Tech
Mikell Lands-Davis BB 247Sports: four-star
Rivals: three-star
Alexander Georgia Tech
TaQuon Marshall ATH (likely AB) 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
Harris County Georgia Tech
Christian Philpott WR 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
North Florida Christian Georgia Tech
Brandon Singleton WR 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
Hahnville Georgia Tech
Dante Wigley CB 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
Carrollton Georgia Tech
Brentavious Glanton DT 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
Monroe Georgia Tech
Christian Campbell ATH (likely QB) 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
Ponchatoula Georgia Tech
Omahri Jarrett AB 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
New Manchester Georgia Tech
Trent Sellers DL 247Sports: two-star
Rivals: three-star
Sandy Creek Georgia Tech
Dorian Walker ATH (likely DB) 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
Mt. Paran Christian Committed to Georgia Tech during visit
David Curry S 247Sports: three-star
Rivals: three-star
Buford Soft verbal to Virginia

As we found out Sunday, we've already picked up one commitment in the form of Dorian Walker. David Curry could turn around and commit too, but I'm not too sure about him currently.

Most everybody that is committed to Tech on this visit is pretty solid. The only two who have been known to possibly be wavering are Christian Campbell and Brandon Singleton. I feel more confident we hold onto Campbell than Singelton.

The only thing I found disappointing about the Orange Bowl was our very sad attempt at the Gatorade shower. How would you have done it better?

There's really not many better ways to celebrate big wins like that other than giving the coach a Gatorade shower. And while the Orange Bowl was not the best one I've seen, I've certainly seen worse.

At least we didn't do this.

Or this.

What do you see as the weakest unit on the football team next year?

I actually don't think it will be any of the three (CB/LB/WR) you mentioned. I think Tech's weakest position next year will be B-back. Now that's not because we won't have talent there, but because they're just very inexperienced. We won't be returning anyone with a career carry there.

We have more than enough talent there in my opinion though. With the three guys we have, we may not find someone that will rush for 1000 yards on their own, but we should still get solid production there. It might just take a few games to get everything to gel.

Any chance we'll have a scholly open for Brad Stewart, WR, Benedictine, Savannah?

Not unless someone decommits. To my knowledge we're pretty much full now, though I suppose anything could happen if the coaching staff knows something the rest of us don't.

Stewart's a pretty good receiver, though. Here's his film.

Eric Thompson with GTSwarm is reporting that Stewart has a preferred-walk-on offer. What that pretty much means is that should he be accepted into Tech and chose to go there and walk on with the football team, he'd automatically be taken.

I don't know if he'll take it. It just depends on how much he wants to be with Tech.

We've all seen that CPJ has zero tolerance for recruits committing to Tech and then continuing to make other visits and look elsewhere. I'm really excited to see David Curry is coming to the Flats, but what does CPJ think of a kid who has been committed to UVA for the past 6 months decommitting and joining his team?

CPJ gets a bad rep for his "strict recruiting practices." Really, all he tells his recruits is that if they're still looking, so is Tech. Now if a commit takes a visit without informing the coaching staff, only then will a player have his scholly pulled.

As for Curry, it was pretty clear he wasn't truly committed to UVA. I don't think CPJ will hold it against him though.

In reference to Shaq's draft stock, what exactly are the technical differences between run blocking and pass blocking?

This is the simplest way to explain it. In pass blocking, the blockers let the defensive lineman or other rushers come to them, thus creating what we know as a pocket.

In run blocking, we see the opposite. The offensive linemen will attack the opposing defenders and drive them back.

With all the cretins in college coaching, why can't the decent guys catch a break?

Two words: Bill Snyder.

But really though, I think it really just varies with the personality of the team. Take Michigan for instance. They just fired Brady Hoke, a person you called a cretin, and replaced him with Jim Harbaugh, another person who if I understood you correctly, would also be a cretin. Michigan, for some reason, is attracted to that personality.

Is this the easiest it has been in your lifetime to be a Tech fan?

Definitely. For those that don't know, I was born in 1994. I didn't really become an informed Tech fan until Paul Johnson came to the Flats. Taking all this into account, I don't have much to compare it too, but it is definitely a great time to be a Tech fan.

How did the Over/Unders from the last few games turn out?

Joey's working on pulling together the final standings. A post about all that should be done within the next week and a half or so. Until then, it will remain a mystery.

Does the basketball team have a conditioning weakness?

They remind me a lot of the Falcons. They start off really well a lot of the times. And then production falls off a cliff. I'd say it probably has something to do with conditioning.

Maybe we can get Coach Sisk to go work with the basketball team.

How happy are you to not be a Packers fan today?

I'm actually not happy. I picked the Packers and the Colts to win on Sunday. In all honesty, Green Bay didn't deserve the win (not that Seattle did either though).

How do you guys feel about the Charles Mitchell for Robert Carter "trade"?

Personally, I'm still undecided at this point since Carter has to sit this season. They're both good players. Mitchell is second on our team in PPG (10.5), first in RPG (7.9) and our second most accurate shooter (53.3% FG).

Since Carter doesn't have any stats from this season to compare, I'll use last season's.

Carter finished last season third on the team in PPG (11.4), first in RPG (8.4) and had a 46.7% FG.

They're pretty similar players based off the stats. Carter was slightly better and is also younger. It will still take time to see and we won't really know for sure until Carter finishes his career with Maryland.

Do you remotely miss Maryland?

A little bit. Your uniforms always kept things interesting. But I can never forgive y'all for firing Ralph Friedgen after winning ACC Coach of the Year.

He's one of my favorite coaches and y'all just fired him for no reason other than him refusing to retire.

Thanks for submitting questions everybody!