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Technical Tidbits 1/2

In which the FSU defense forgets that they aren't UNC.

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech and Georgia have a chance to make history this off-season pending the release of the final AP Poll -- if both teams land somewhere in the top 10, it would mark the first time in 48 years that such a feat was accomplished. The Jackets were already ranked No. 10 prior to their victory over No. 8 Mississippi State, so any movement in the polls would only be in an upward direction for Tech. With the victory and losses by the two teams directly above us in the rankings as well as various other top 10 losses, Georgia Tech should end up no lower than No. 8 and possibly as high as No. 5 depending on how much the voters decide to fault Baylor, Florida State, and Alabama for their losses.

Georgia Tech's Orange Bowl win over Mississippi State was a statement game to say the least. It marked Paul Johnson's second bowl win during his Georgia Tech tenure and, interestingly enough, his second bowl win over a team which was No. 1 at some point in the season (USC was the preseason No. 1 in 2012). If there were any people left who questioned the effectiveness of Paul Johnson's offense, they were quickly silenced when the Jackets hung 49 points on a top 10 run defense in the nation. Justin Thomas is lucky that Christmas already passed, because he owes quite a few MSU defenders some new ankles.

Florida State managed to squander their 29-game winning streak and the reputation of the ACC all in one swift move when they allowed the Oregon Ducks to blow them out of the Rose Bowl yesterday in what ended with a 59-20 demolition by Marcus Mariota's team. The Florida State defense which had been so highly touted for the past few seasons was a raging dumpster fire, allowing the Ducks to rack up 639 all-purpose yards and 30 first downs. Now we all get to sit back and listen as Paul Finebaum cackles maniacally from his big SEC easy chair because the FSU loss obviously proves that the ACC is about as good at football as Gary Busey is at forming sentences.

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