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Technical Tidbits 1/16

In which Cardale Jones doesn't have time to play school.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The AJC's Ken Sugiura released his three takeaways from Georgia Tech's narrow loss to Notre Dame yesterday, and the results were quite bittersweet; Tech did a lot of things well, but just couldn't finish against a solid Irish squad. Demarco Cox may have had the quietest 17-7-3 game of the season for Tech; I was in attendance but was still shocked to see that he scored just south of 20 on a night when Tech only made six second half baskets. All in all, it was just another great individual performance wasted by the failures of the rest of the team.

Russ Chandler Stadium, home of the Georgia Tech baseball team, has been named the fifth-best college baseball venue in the entire nation by, marking yet another accolade to add to the ever-growing list belonging to the Rusty C. If you have some preconceived notion that college baseball is boring compared to the MLB (as many people do), then you need to buy some tickets to watch Tech play at Russ Chandler immediately. It is a great environment and you get to watch the future of Major League Baseball play for just a few dollars. You really can't beat it, and there is no better place to watch than at Georgia Tech.

When most students enroll in college, they do so in order to go to classes and eventually get a degree. Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, however, is apparently no average student because HE CAME TO PLAY FOOTBALL, NOT TO PLAY SCHOOL. Gosh, get it through your heads. The tweet went out way back in 2012, but Jones apparently changed his outlook on Ohio State as a school since he decided to return for yet another season of football and finals in Columbus. In fact, he held a press conference just to announce that he'd be returning. Is that overkill? For most people the answer would be yes, but this guy just capped off a 3-0 season with wins over Wisconsin, Alabama, and Oregon. He can do what he wants.

For Florida State, that long streak of domination in the ACC appears to be over. The Noles will be losing some of their best players on both sides of the ball before 2015 even begins, paving the way for some new programs to represent the #goacc spirit by winning big in the regular season and then laying an egg in the postseason, unless that postseason game happens to be the Orange Bowl. All jokes aside, next season's Florida State team might not even be the third-best team in the conference. Look for a lot of moving and shaking in the standings throughout the season.

Did you go to school to play football, school, or something else? Would you like to hold your own press conference to announce your answer?

Have a great MLK Day weekend, see you Tuesday!