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Technical Tidbits 1/14

In which we take a way-too-early look at 2015.

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Just under two weeks after the Jackets and Irish squared off on the hardtop for the first time this season, the two teams will match up again tonight in McCamish Pavilion. When we last saw Notre Dame, Mike Brey's team was ranked No. 14 in the nation and stood at 14-1 on the young season following their 2OT win over Georgia Tech in South Bend. The Jackets will undoubtedly be looking for revenge (and their first ACC win of the season), but Notre Dame won't roll over; they can ill-afford a second straight loss following their close defeat to the No. 2 Virginia Cavaliers. It should be a great game to watch, so be sure to come out and support the Jackets.

Speaking of our struggling basketball team, has the time come to sound the panic button and get a fresh start for the program? I was just defending Brian Gregory earlier this season, but I have to admit that these past few games have made me question the direction of the program. Guys don't seem to be developing like they should (especially MGH, who hasn't so much as touched his full potential) and everyone is getting impatient. If things don't get turned around, don't be surprised to see Mike Bobinski bring in his own guy in what would be his first big time hire on the Flats.

The 2014 season may have ended just two days ago, but 48 hours is simply too long to go without talking about the 2015 Yellow Jackets, who cracked the top 10 of the SB Nation way-too-early power rankings. Tech came in at No. 10, one spot behind arch-rival Georgia in what was some massive trolling by the SB Nation staff. In all honesty, the Jackets could probably go 15-0 while Georgia finishes at 3-9 and still end up below the dwags. It's just a fact of life and only some more continued success will do anything to change it.

SB Nation isn't the only site with high expectations for the 2015 Georgia Tech team -- three out of four ESPN analysts picked the Jackets to win the Coastal next season, up from a whopping zero prior to last season. To be totally honest, I'm not sure how I feel about the media setting such high expectations for Tech. I certainly love the extra ink, but getting slept on over and over again has worked pretty well for Paul Johnson's teams in the past. The one analyst who didn't pick Tech was Matt Fortuna, who feels for some reason like the Hokies are the better team. I don't see it, but I'm also the same guy who picked us to lose to Tulane this season.

What are your way-too-early 2015 Coastal rankings?

Have a great Wednesday!