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Technical Tidbits 1/13

In which Scott Van Pelt brushes off some hate and Kirk Herbstreit dishes out some of his own.

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Our very own ACC Coach of the Year, Paul Johnson, was invited to speak at a coaches convention today on behalf of Georgia Tech to talk about the consistency which his Yellow Jacket teams have experienced under his leadership. While some of the more recent pre-2014 Tech teams have struggled to win against quality opponents, you can't deny that the consistency has been there for CPJ's Yellow Jackets -- Coach Johnson has never failed to make a bowl game in his seven seasons on the Flats. I personally can't wait to hear his speech, but here are some of the main points which I'm sure he'll speak on while we wait:

-How to successfully find high school-level players for your high school-level offense.

-How badly he wants to hear about the SEC.

-Which animal noises not to make when calling in for a radio show.

Georgia Tech has released a new and innovative way for fans to secure the lowest possible price for tickets to various Tech events called Ramblin' Rates. The new method, which is essentially a descending-price auction, will currently only be available for the final two Tech basketball games of the season (against Louisville and UNC), but I wouldn't be surprised to see it implemented more heavily if all goes well.

The NCAA has recently debated whether or not to reinstate disgraced Penn State head coach Joe Paterno's 409 career wins with the Nittany Lions following the awful PSU sexual abuse scandal a few years ago. I made my stance on this clear before when I said that Penn State shouldn't even have a football program at this moment (especially not a bowl-eligible program) and nothing has happened to change my mind. Penn State is a big program and money talks, even when it advocates tolerance for sexual abuse.

You may think you have it made watching the national championship on live TV, but what you don't realize is that you actually missed the best part of the broadcast -- the Jimmy Kimmel Live college football edition of "Mean Tweets". The game is going on as I write this, but I'm choosing to watch this video over and over instead. I wish I could have watched the whole thing, but I drowned right when Lou Holtz started talking.

Caution: semi-NSFW, but apparently not NSFW enough to be disallowed from live television.

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Kirk Herbstreit will have no part of your social media trolling. Rest in peace, Scott Van Pelt's public perception.

Which mean tweet was your favorite? Have you found or sent any mean tweets that should have been included?

Have a great Tuesday!