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Technical Tidbits 9/9

In which the NCAA pulls an NCAA.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

With an upcoming series with Ole Miss and a potential 2017 kickoff game matchup with Tennessee, Georgia Tech's out of conference schedule for the coming years is starting to look both impressive and exciting. In an ideal world, Ryan Bamford and company will schedule enough quality opponents to prevent Tech from having to pull a 2013 and play two FCS teams -- it's never good for attendance and it's especially harmful to a playoff resume under the new system. The next step in the scheduling process should be (in my humble opinion) to stop scheduling FCS teams all together. I honestly just don't see the benefit when things can go as badly as they have for Florida these past couple of seasons.

Week one in the NFL was hardly a successful one for Georgia Tech alumni. Demaryius Thomas finished with just 48 yards on 4 catches, Morgan Burnett got bounced around by the Seahawks, and multiple others did not even play a single down on Sunday (or Thursday, or Monday). The only real bright spot was Calvin Johnson, who went  for 100+ yards and 2 touchdowns while simultaneously drop kicking my fantasy football team for 28 points. Seriously, Megatron? Get a life. Preferably one that doesn't involve making me sad. I am watching the Chargers play as I'm writing, but haven't had a Sneezy sighting thus far. Man, I'm really excited to see what he can do...

Ed Note: Attaochu had 4 tackles, a sack, a forced fumble, and a blocked punt against the Cardinals last night.  Pretty good start!

Georgia Tech is slowly creeping up the ESPN ACC Power Rankings, coming in at seventh this week following their big win over Tulane in New Orleans. To me, that seems like fair place for the still largely unproven Jackets just two games into the season, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the number rise if we get a convincing win against Georgia Southern this weekend. In other ACC news, Virginia has come out of the gates very strong this season. They were projected to finish dead last in the Coastal this season, but nearly upset UCLA (they would have pulled it off had the offense not given up so many touchdowns) and won in convincing fashion over FCS powerhouse Richmond, which usually plays the ACC pretty tight. Is this the season of the Hoos? Nah. Were we too quick to write them off? Possible.

This next piece of news makes me absolutely livid. Penn State, which was handed a four-year postseason ban following the terrible actions of Jerry Sandusky and the bad decisions of Joe Paterno, had its ban lifted after just two seasons of bowl-free play by the NCAA yesterday. Was the decision to ban them in the first place even fair? I think so, but apparently there are some who feel that it was too harsh. Whatever the case may be, my problem with this decision is that you better BELIEVE that if Penn State were some other lesser program, they would not be in bowl action any time soon. In fact, if it were a smaller program which committed these atrocities then I doubt they would have a football team at all, much less one in a bowl game. Miami self-imposed two bowl-free seasons following improper benefits to a booster and still aren't off the NCAA hit list, so why is Penn State off the hook (in regards to postseason bans, at least) after effectively ruining the lives of multiple young men? I looked up hot garbage in the dictionary and only found the NCAA logo. What a joke.

Do you share my anger with the NCAA over the Penn State decision? What are your thoughts on future OOC scheduling for the Jackets?

Have a great Tuesday!