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Technical Tidbits 9/5

In which Daniel Miller begins his career overseas.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Georgia Tech safety Isaiah Johnson has officially been ruled out by Paul Johnson for Saturday's matchup against the Tulane Green Wave, writes the AJC. Johnson, who made his first start in over a year in the Wofford game following an injury sustained prior to the 2012 Sun Bowl, will be sidelined with an apparent hamstring injury that took him out of action for much of the second half last week. Tech's secondary will feel this loss tremendously against Tulane, which runs a pass-heavy offense and has some great playmakers on the offensive side of the ball who will surely challenge the defense.

It just wouldn't be a Friday without some NCAA sanctions to dampen your mood, now would it? Of course not, and that's why I'm here to inform you that the NCAA has *generously* accepted Georgia Tech's self imposed penalties, meaning that the program will stay on probation until 2017. Other punishments will include one-game suspensions for various unnamed assistant coaches, including those responsible for sending the 256 impermissible texts to recruits. The Institute has reportedly expanded their compliance department to four full time employees and a paid intern, which seems excessive to me. Just find one guy who actually knows what he's doing and cruise with it.

Both of Georgia Tech's recently graduated big men, Kammeon Holsey and Daniel Miller, will have opportunities to play overseas this season. Miller, who played Summer League basketball with the Wizards, will spend this season with Rio Natura Monbus in Spain while Holsey will play in a Colombian league for the immediate future. Miller has, according to the EuroBasket website, already been named a starter for Rio Natura. This, while it may seem trivial to some, is actually a very big deal; Spanish basketball is usually considered to be the second-most competitive league in the world, behind just the NBA. Above all, a good season in Spain could give Miller the extra boost and experience he needs to land on an NBA roster come next season; he has the skills, but needs to refine some aspects of his game before a team really considers him for a valuable roster spot.

I'll leave you today with former Miami Hurricane Devin Hester looking very unhappy after his Falcons teammates left a Louisville jersey in his locker following #DaU's devastating loss to the Cardinals in their ACC opener. Now maybe Hester can channel that anger and turn it into tons and tons of touchdowns...

What does losing Isaiah Johnson mean for Tech this week? What would losing him for multiple weeks mean?

Have a great weekend!