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Georgia Tech Football: Tulane Game Over/Unders

America's favorite game show makes its triumphant return after a week where pessimism was your best friend.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 was quite the doozy for Over/Unders. A few interesting notes...

  • Out of 87 responses, only one user went a perfect 6-for-6 -- nkmort. Congrats!
  • Of those 87 responses, only 29 got four or more right. (I was one of the other 58.) The average number correct was 2.931.
  • You really should have been a little more pessimistic. The outcome of every single line was under.
  • Only one line had a success rate over 60% -- 77% of users correctly picked under 8.5 True Freshmen with Playing Time (only 7 played). I got this one wrong.
  • Our reigning champions? User pulindian was 2-of-6, and user Dive Keep and Pitch didn't even enter.
  • Better luck next time to Lancecho007 and Stockbridge Mafia, both of which got exactly 0 correct.

Here is our Week 1 Leaderboard.

Username Week 1 Score Username Week 1 Score
nkmort 6 Ramblnwrek 4
gtee03 5 JacksonJacket 4
reggieball 5 dhbartlett 4
Atlanta's Original Team 5 Ralphabernathy 4
jerrlee 5 biggtfan 4
MaristHighSchool 5 AugustaJacket 4
wima13 5 sporeman 4
Fuzzybee 5 millsGT49 4
CaliGT 4 TechTiger52 4
Yeller Bug 4 tscdad 4
TylerDuke 4 Caplax 4
dpearson6 4 TheUman 4
GTJonny 4 SliceMonkey 4
packerman 4 Boston jacket 4
SouthGA Jacket 4

If you didn't see yourself there, you can find your result and standing here: link.

That said, it's a new week with a whole new set of Over/Unders. So get to picking! Please leave any questions in the comments. Any lines that are unclear, take "Over" to mean "better for Georgia Tech".