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Mailbag 9/29 Questions

After a refreshing bye week, we set our sights fully onto Miami next week.

Michael Shroyer

It's that time of the week again. Hopefully you enjoyed the bye week to some degree, and are as recharged as I'm feeling. (Then again, that might have just been my first quiet weekend in Houston since the season started that made me feel that way. And boy, does it feel good.)

Let's do a mailbag to get our next game week started. We play Miami on Saturday, and I also feel obligated to remind you that we're less than 7 weeks from tip-off of Georgia Tech's basketball season against our rivals from Athens. Feel free to ask questions about any and all of the above, or just anything else you might want to hear from the writing staff.

Want to know what we did on our bye weeks? Want to know how we're feeling about next weekend's game? Want to know our favorite beer to drink while we're grilling? Want to hear our thoughts on the rest of the action that happened this weekend in college football?

It's all fair game in the mailbag. Go for it.

What questions do you have for this week's mailbag?