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Technical Tidbits 9/26

In which Paul Johnson turns WR's into CB's.

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It's your favorite backup Technical Tidbit writer with you again.

The Yellow Jackets have been working to clean up their special teams play during the week off. Kickoff returns were a bright spot on the team last season, but they have been very underwhelming so far. Of the 15 returns this year, only three have reached the 30-yard line. One of those was the panic-attack-causing return by Broderick Snoddy against Virginia Tech in which he touched the ball in front of the goal line, ran back into the end zone to retrieve it, avoided a Hokie tackle for a safety, and then somehow managed to make it out to the 35-yard line. Jamal Golden hasn't looked as explosive as he was last season, but most of that can be credited to poor blocking by the return unit. Starting position can be a key in close games this team will likely face for the rest of the year, so hopefully it will be figured out.

True freshman Qua Searcy has been getting a look at cornerback this week in practice by the Georgia Tech coaching staff. Searcy was brought in to play receiver, but is buried in the depth chart for now. There's obviously some talent there at corner for him to be getting a look at midseason. He has nice size and was highly recruited out of high school by Clemson, Michigan State, and many others. He's been training at the position that Chris Milton is starting at right now - a guy that was exposed a few times against Virginia Tech. It'll be interesting to see if Searcy does enough to potentially burn his redshirt to provide some depth at secondary.

The Georgia Tech basketball team gained another player on the roster for the 2014-2015 season after Charles Mitchell received immediate eligibility by the NCAA. Mitchell is a bruising forward transferring from Maryland who should provide some nice size and rebounding for the Jackets. Mitchell will cap off a nice string of transfers being brought in by CBG that should give the team some veteran pieces. The key is fitting them together and building chemistry between a lot of guys who have never played together.

The Captain finished off his career at Yankee Stadium on Thursday night in incredible fashion. Derek Jeter has always had a flair for the moment, but he made sure he proved that true in his last moment ever as a player in New York. DJ had an RBI double in the first inning and then capped it off with a game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth for the Yankees after the Orioles scored two runs in the top of the inning to tie it. The finish had a lot of people questioning the credibility of it on social media after the game. In my opinion, it's pretty hard to stage a baseball game. First, telling two guys to hit a home run in the top of the ninth is a hard feat. The Home Run Derby still features more outs than home runs each year. If they did stage that part, Derek Jeter still has to hit a fastball in a spot not defended by nine players and drive in the game-winning run. I'm not cynical enough to believe that, and I have to tip my cap one last time to a guy who has always played the game the right way.

Do you think Qua Sercy could get some playing time at cornerback this season? Did the MLB stage Derek Jeter's last game at Yankee Stadium?

Have a great Friday!