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From the Rumble Seat's Weekend Selections 2014, Week 5

It's bye week time on the Flats, meaning you're going to get to watch an awful lot of other teams play this weekend...right? RIGHT?!?!

Duke's playing against Duke this weekend.
Duke's playing against Duke this weekend.
Eric Francis

A lot of us end up getting caught up watching Georgia Tech play on weekends in the fall, and that's a great thing. We should be watching our team. But it also results in missing out on a lot of other good football games, which is sad for the general college football fan.

Welcome to the bye week, where your team playing is no longer a problem, and you get to watch everyone else play for once!

Alright, that doesn't sound too great actually. Whatever. We'll get to this "Weekend Selections" in a second, but first, here are last week's results:

Username Score Username Score
Youngjacket 18 JackAdamParker 14
edac46 17 RamblinVak 14
ITPatlien 16 srenner 14
kenneth bonner 16 Studastill 14
south of the border 16 AA-Town Jacket 14
orientalnc 15 Buddy Smiggins 14
Yeller Bug 15 zetaman 14
Atlanta's Original Team 15 MaristHighSchool 14
DressHerInWhiteAndGold 15 GTROB 14
Twizzler88 15 Boston jacket 14

No lie, I think Cade's score of 17 (that's his username) makes him the current leader in the clubhouse on our writing staff for a single-week score. Meanwhile, I was in the basement with only 10 points, but still ahead by a thin margin over Ben, who only scored 9. Congrats to Youngjacket, this week's MVP, and our condolences go out to eekanerd -- this week's LVP with a score of only 7. To see the full results for last week, click here.

Out of 74 responses, the average score was 12.149. The game with the highest average score? Surprisingly not the Georgia Tech game, you optimists. It turns out to have been the Florida State game, with 58 people correctly picking the Seminoles to win but Clemson to cover a massive 20.5 point opening spread, for an average score of 1.78. On the other hand, the Pitt-Iowa game basically stumped everyone -- only 15 folks got credit, where 59 people picked Pitt to cover a 4-point spread (which I still can't believe they didn't).

Oh well. The past is the past. Time to move on (I'll have a full season leaderboard next week. I think I've finally fixed my tracking methods).

Below is this week's "Weekend Selections" form. As always, the rules are included at the top, and any questions should be left in the comments. Good luck, enjoy the off week, and happy picking!

All selections are due by kickoff of the Boston College game.