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Technical Tidbits 9/24

In which East Carolina comes for our booty.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson made an appearance at the Touchdown Club of Atlanta luncheon on Monday, at which he gave a great interview detailing some of his thoughts on Saturday's win over the Virginia Tech Hokies. He made a comment that the perimeter blocking in the first half was "horrid," and it truly was; the A-Backs (not including pitches to Zach Laskey) combined for a grand total of seven yards on four carries against the stout Hokies defensive front. That is a detail which has gone largely overlooked because the outcome of the game was so exciting, but it will absolutely have to get better if Tech hopes to improve to 5-0 on the season against the Hurricanes next week.

In light of Tech's phenomenal 4-0 start to the season, ESPNU's All-Access will visit the Flats tomorrow to get an inside view of the program just for your flexbone-watching enjoyment. Paul Johnson couldn't have picked any better representatives of the program to do a tour of the campus on national TV -- Adam Gotsis, Synjyn Days, and Jamal Golden should combine for a very interesting show. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Former Georgia Tech receiver and current Denver Bronco Demaryius Thomas has gotten off to a very slow start in the NFL this season, averaging just 47 yards per game following a remarkable 2013 campaign which saw him gain recognition as the second best wideout in the league behind only fellow Yellow Jacket Calvin Johnson. There is absolutely no way that Thomas, who has played a huge role in Denver's offense over the past few years, will continue to struggle mightily -- both he and quarterback Peyton Manning are too good for his breakout game drought to continue. Bay Bay will look to get his 2014 season back on track next week against the Cardinals following a bye week this week.

Just when all seems well in the world, you take a look at the ACC Coastal standings, thrilled to see your Yellow Jackets on top. After a few moments of gazing at this momentary glory, you realize that Tech is technically not in control of the Coastal -- East Carolina is, despite them playing in the AAC. So far this season, the Pirates have launched raids on both Virginia Tech and UNC, edging the Hokies in Blacksburg and then throttling the Heels (you know, the new-and-improved best team in the country, UNC)  in the mythical land of East Carolina. As it happens, Georgia Tech is the only ACC Coastal member which hasn't fallen to the booty-loving plunders from Carolina, but we better watch our backs; one "AARRRGGHHH" and we could sink just like the rest of the division before us.

I mean, come on ECU. Why did you have to drop 70 on UNC? Isn't there some Pirate code prohibiting brutal attacks like that on women and children?

What do you make of the lack of A-Back production? Is it something that you expect to recur or simply a byproduct of Bud Foster's aggressive defensive scheme?

Have a great Wednesday!