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Technical Tidbits 9/23

In which Bobby Dodd Stadium turns into the Bobby Dodd Death Star.

Jason O. Watson

Since a good amount of you reading this right now are current, former, or aspiring Yellow Jackets, I figured that everyone would have a great appreciation for this interesting breakdown by the AJC detailing "Tech by the numbers." After all, what Tech fan doesn't like numbers? There are some really impressive stats in there (including the special teams numbers and DeAndre Smelter's yards per reception) but it also includes some flat out ugly numbers which are less than inspiring to say the least. Tech has allowed 21 plays of over 20 yards this season, good for 110th in the country. That is awful, especially when you consider that three of Tech's opponents so far have been warm-up games. The good news is that the Jackets did a much better job defending long plays against Virginia Tech (except for on third down, of course) and the defense looks to be improving.

In preparation for Georgia Tech's Saturday night game against Miami, which will be a nationally televised whiteout, the athletic department had a brilliant though: "Hey, what if we make students actually want to come watch the team play?" The rest was pure genius as it was announced that students would be able to enter a drawing to receive an authentic Stormtrooper mask for attending, as well as be eligible for other incentives. These perks include free Stormtrooper masks to the first 2,500 students (I guess these will be non-authentic?) and free white shakers to all students who attend. Should there have to be an incentive to come out and support your undefeated Jackets as they take on an arch-rival? No. Is it still a great idea? DUHHHHHHH.

Georgia Tech is simply never favored to win the ACC Coastal. The Jackets could have a team comprised of Seattle's Legion of Boom and quarterbacked by Jesus and still get picked to win just four games. Heck, they could have already clinched the division and there would still be people trying to explain how they didn't technically win. That said, it feels weird that some people are considering the Jackets to be the front-runners in the Coastal after just one conference game. Winning the ACCC is something absolutely accomplishable for the Jackets, especially with a huge (huge, huge, huge) road win over the Hokies last week; the only team I can foresee having more ACC success is Duke, a team which Tech has owned lately.

As we have seen by uga fans' perpetual defense of their flea-bitten, inbred, ugly, tub-of-lard, sorry excuse for a dog, live mascots are some of the most important things in all of college football. That said, Reveille III of Texas A&M is no exception -- guarded by cadets during each game, the collie sits beneath the shade of Kyle Field's walls, just waiting to get...stepped on by an SMU player? Well, that's what almost happened on Saturday when it took some quick thinking from a cadet to stop the incoming SMU player from stepping on the prized animal. Hm, I wonder what would happen if Shamire Devine miraculously fell on Uga's dog house when Tech makes the trip to Athens this season. Sounds like 370 pounds worth of hilarity to me.

Which numbers stood out to you from the AJC's article?

Have a great Tuesday!