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Mailbag 9/22 Questions

It's time for another rendition of the mailbag after an exhilarating road win yesterday.

Michael Shroyer

Man. What a win yesterday, and what a long time coming it was. It was the first time Georgia Tech had beaten Virginia Tech since Homecoming 2009 (when the Hokies were #4 nationally) and the first time in Blacksburg since 2006.The Jackets came from behind, persevered, made plays, and never quit on a game in a tough environment with a magnified importance (being against a division rival).

It was a magical win that this program hasn't really seen in a long time. The closest thing I can compare it to was the 2012 Sun Bowl win over USC (breaking a 7-game Bowl losing streak), and if not that, then the 2011 Homecoming win over Clemson. As far as magical road wins -- I'm not really sure. You could say the 2009 win over Florida State in Tallahassee, but you may have to go back all the way to 2008 for the win in Athens for something truly on the level of yesterday's win.

All that said, you probably have some questions remaining about what we saw in that game, how it compares to what we've seen so far, and what it means for the upcoming schedule. This is your forum to ask those questions.

What questions do you have about this team, looking either back or forward? What about this weekend's game is a lingering question for you? What other random topics do you want to hear my (or another staff member's) thoughts/responses on?