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GT vs. VPI: Halftime Report and Analysis

It's been a bit of a rough half, but there is some hope.

Michael Shroyer

Penalties are killing us, and it's no secret whatsoever. But there may be some hope going into halftime.

The Yellow Jackets got off to a decent start, going nearly the length of the field on the first drive and finishing it with a 43-yard field goal.

VPI turned right around and scored a field goal of their own, however. In one of their first plays of the second quarter, VPI took the lead and added another field goal.

Towards the middle of the quarter, things started to get bad. VPI drove pretty much the entire length of the field, capping off the drive with a 6-yard touchdown run, making it a 13-3 game.

After another punt from Georgia Tech, VPI looked to be driving again. This time, however, Adam Gotsis came for VPI QB Michael Brewer's head. So instead of throwing it away, Brewer slung the ball down the field. There wasn't a Hokie anywhere close to where the ball landed. There was, however, a Yellow Jacket there. Rs-Freshman Corey Griffin came up with the interception.

On the ensuing drive, Justin Thomas worked a masterful drive that culminated in a 2-yard touchdown run for Thomas. Georgia Tech finally scored a touchdown. Unfortunately, the Yellow Jackets left way too much time on the clock for the Hokies.

VPI drove 56 yards and was able to kick a third field goal, giving them a 16-10 lead at the end of the first half.

It's been a sloppy half guys. Georgia Tech has clearly had issues getting pressure on the QB, and for some reason Ted Roof absolutely refuses to bring more than four rushers on third and long. It has killed us each and every time.

The other thing that has been killing us is penalties. There were countless penalties that were absolute drive-killers.

Here's to hoping that the first half was our bad half, and CPJ and co. can intensify the team at halftime.