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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets @ Virginia Tech Hokies

The Yellow Jackets head to the always-hostile Lane Stadium to open up ACC play, hoping to break their recent losing streak to division rivals Virginia Tech.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

This game has had a weird recent history, featuring games that Georgia Tech should have won by all means, but finds a way to lose. Since the 2009 Homecoming win, the following has happened:

  • 2010: Georgia Tech is rolling with all sorts of momentum just before halftime. A poor play call results in an interception, and on the ensuing run-back Josh Nesbitt breaks his arm. Brand-new QB Tevin Washington gives a great effort, but comes up short. Rough night. Virginia Tech 28, Georgia Tech 21
  • 2011: Georgia Tech has the Hokies reeling. Momentum is picking up and the Bobby Dodd crowd is on fire. It's third and long midway through the second half. Logan Thomas drops back to pass, and is sacked by Jeremiah Attaochu and a couple of his friends. It's a great play, except Attaochu has the single worst moment he had in White and Gold, punching Thomas out of frustration when they couldn't get him to the ground. Instead of 4th down and a mile, it's now a first down and all of Georgia Tech's momentum is gone. They'd never recover. Virginia Tech 37, Georgia Tech 26
  • 2012: It's Labor Day night and Lane Stadium is out in full effect, filling the place with noise and creating an electric atmosphere. Late in the fourth quarter, Georgia Tech trails 14-10, but is driving deep in Hokie territory. Tevin Washington finds Deon Hill on a crossing route for a go-ahead touchdown with under a minute left. The Yellow Jackets' defense needs a single stop to secure the win. They don't get it, as Al Groh's last stand begins with a fourth-and-long conversion for the Hokies that gets them into field goal range. A field goal later, the Hokies force overtime, and we all know how that ended. My heart is still in shambles just thinking about it. Virginia Tech 20, Georgia Tech 17 (OT)
  • 2013: It's the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Bobby Dodd Stadium, a Thursday night, and an absolutely amazing atmosphere. It's a white-out and Georgia Tech is debuting throwback jerseys while Virginia Tech is wearing some stupid rock helmets. The Hokies have looked terrible to this point in the season, and Georgia Tech is looking prime for a win. Vad Lee proceeds to play an abysmal game, going 7-for-24 passing, and the Hokies defense holds the Jackets to 129 yards rushing. Georgia Tech lays a complete and total egg on national television, and just when we thought it couldn't get worse, we realized that the broadcast included a specialized version of Nick Selby's famous speech ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. This game was really a worst-case scenario in almost every way. Virginia Tech 17, Georgia Tech 10

You see, Jackets fans? These are the bastards that have found increasingly absurd ways to make us miserable and steal wins they shouldn't have. This trend? It stops today. We're done with that. It's time to start a new Tech tradition -- beating Virginia Poly.

What is a Hokie, anyways?