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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders: Virginia Tech 2014

We're catching up on the last couple of games, and getting you set up for the opening of ACC play with this week's Over/Unders.

Scott Cunningham

I'm back! (For this, too.) After a crazy week last week, I'm back in action bringing you guys some over/under merrymaking this week. As with the Weekend Selections, we have a bit of catch-up to do on the results from a couple of weeks ago. That said, here is your Week 2 Leaderboard...

Username Score Username Score
tangsoojacket 6 Stockbridge Mafia 5
ClavinCliff 6 dhbartlett 5
kenneth bonner 6 sporeman 5
baseball211 6 uill 5
dmeek1 6 gtg826x 5
JStew_GT 5 packerman 5
C-Dub GT 5 GTalbatross 5
reggieball 5 RyBUZZ 5
PhenomenalSwag 5 JackAdamParker 5
nkmort 5 Joel Hernandez 5
GTFridge25 5 JacksonJacket 5
Buzzgtg776g 5 Jacket05 5
Fear the Bees 5 Ben.Tankersley 5
Samination19 5 TechTiger52 5
orientalnc 5 RamblinGamblinEngineer 5
repingtinraleigh 5

Overall it was a really good week, at least for you guys. (For those who don't know, I take some personal pride in setting these lines and having low scores -- means I'm good at it when that happens, as I see it.) We had over 100 responses for an average of 3.84 points per person, and 4 of 6 questions had better than a 50% success rate, and three had better than 75%. (You guys need to get more creative.) You can see the full results from Tulane here: link.

And then there was the chaos of last week (on my end) that had Grant do a great job of stepping in and setting lines. Let's see how that went:

Username Score Username Score
Yeller Bug 6 pulindian 5
Fear the bees 6 JStew_GT 5
ClavinCliff 6 gtg826x 5
biggtfan 6 jerrlee 5
fuzzybee86 5 rhamblen 5
MagnaCarterGT 5 greg_t 5
dhbartlett 5 reggieball 5
PeterInVA 5 mobi 5
mounsen 5 Eaglejacket99 5
LxUn1c0 5 Gtche99 5
AugustaJacket 5 RamblinVak 5

So a bit of a shorter leaderboard this week -- good work, Grant! He even beat my average with an average score of 3.64 points, though only one question had a sub-50% success rate. Full results from last week can be seen here: link.

Was it a rough couple of weeks for you? That sucks. At least you get a chance to redeem yourself. The first step to that is found below. Enter your picks by kickoff of the Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech game on Saturday. Good luck, and happy picking!