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Technical Tidbits 9/18

In which we form more uniform conspiracies.

Paul Johnson, official spokesman of Ex-Lax
Paul Johnson, official spokesman of Ex-Lax
Scott Cunningham

Before this season started, there was lots of speculation as to exactly what role backup quarterback Timmy Byerly would play for the Jackets. Some insisted that he would split snaps with Justin Thomas while others felt that he was better suited to run the offense with his Nesbitt-esque playing style. Many didn't think that he would get into the game at all. As it turns out, Byerly has gotten into games so far, but only in goal-line and short-yardage situations for which Justin Thomas's size would give the offense a disadvantage. Because of his limited role which involves lots of easy touchdowns, Byerly has been (inevitably) nicknamed "Touchdown Vulture" by Tech fans everywhere, and that is just fine with me. He can vulture every touchdown in the world as long as it wins us football games.

Meanwhile on the injury front, Georgia Tech A-Back Charles Perkins has been held out of yet another practice with a left leg injury, meaning that he has now missed every practice this week. Perkins, who has been a great asset for the Tech run game so far this season, would be sorely missed if he was made to sit out against Virginia Tech this week, but there are still plenty of talented and capable guys ready fill in for him in Deon Hill and B.J. Bostic among others. Tony Zenon is another guy who could see his workload increase if Perkins has to sit on Saturday; he has done a fantastic job running the ball this season for the Jackets. In all honesty, the A-Backs won't have as large a role as they usually do this week against the Hokies -- Frank Beamer likes to be a bully and shut down the perimeter, therefore forcing Tech to beat his team up the middle.

This week's edition of Ask Jackets was a very insightful conversation with Georgia Tech AD Mike Bobinski, who was a lot more open about some very interesting topics than I would expect. If you are like me, the first thing you took notice of during the interview was that Bobinski pretty openly dropped some big hints towards a deal with a new athletic wear provider after the Russell deal expires. He indicates that the Athletic Department knew how important branding was, and that they would "like to make the very most of [the Russell deal] as we move forward". He really showed no sign that there was a new RA deal in the makes. Conspiracy? I think yes.

I'll leave you today with this great video that combines two of America's favorite things: food and football. What could be better? I am honestly not 100% sure what all was going on in the rest of that article, but the video is what I really wanted to link to just because it has some great insight on this week's big-time match ups for those of you who are interested. The rest of the article seems to be comprised of lots of angry Hokies fans, which is always fun to hear. They are ragin' in Blacksburg, folks!

What role will the A-Backs have in the game against Virginia Tech? Is their success critical to the success of the offense as a whole?

Go Jackets!