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From the Rumble Seat Presents: Weekend Selections, Week 4

We're catching up on the last couple of weeks (which saw mixed results), and looking forward as Georgia Tech begins league play this week.

Your face, looking at college football results from last week.
Your face, looking at college football results from last week.
Scott Cunningham

So, after a week's absence, I'm back! Apologies for missing last week. I was busy kissing hands and shaking babies at the career fair on behalf of the people that pay me for my day job, and I really appreciate Grant filling in for me. Before we get started, I don't only owe you results from last week, but also from the week prior to that. So with that being said, here is your Week 2 Leaderboard.

Username Score Username Score
rarmijo3 18 Jacket05 16
baseball211 17 smathis93 16
south of the border 17 GTJonny 16
mrnuttle 17 thebugman10 16
rshultis3 16 thegtstunner08 15
jabbajacket 16 nygooch 15
badcock! 16 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 15
TG41 16 GTJonny 15
GoalieLax 16 ClavinCliff 15

Congratulations to rarmijo3, who only missed on one winner and one spread! The week's LVP pains me too much to say, in a couple of ways, so I won't. If your name isn't in the table above, head on over to the results and check them out. Found here: link. For reference, the average this week was a shade over 13 points.

Oh! Then we all got back from Tulane, re-calibrated, and had another round last week. Let's look at how that went...

Username Score Username Score
Caplax 17 biggtfan 15
YJacket82 15 Stockbridge Mafia 14
Wreck-It 15 jerrlee88 14
MagnaCarterGT 15 CaliGT 14
droidsarefun 15 Atlanta's Original Team 14
chilidogringsfo 15 ClavinCliff 14
eldollar3 15 LxUn1c0 14
Uman 15 Gtsam 14
Studastill 15 Youngjacket 14

So...maybe we should have all stayed in New Orleans. Even with an extra pick offered, the weekly average dropped over a point to about 11.75. Additionally, of the 11 games we picked, 5 had average scores under 1, which I believe was more than the first two weeks combined. (College football had a weird week. It happens.) The MVP this time only had 17, and a lot of our staff had a rough go of it. Of the 12 users that had fewer than 10 points, 4 were staff members. I blame Grant, who actually did a great job filling in last week. If you're not on the above table and want to know where you fell, in the mix, check out the comprehensive score sheet, found here: link.

As for cumulative scores to date...that's a lot of work. (I actually realized that I may need to adjust scoring for Week 1.) Let me get back to you on that one next week.

This week's selections are below. The rules are the same as they have been all season, but have been developed more to be more to include another scenario I wasn't considering. Best of luck, and happy picking!

Picks are due by kickoff of the Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech game, at noon on Saturday.