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Mailbag 9/16 Questions

With the start of ACC play looming, we're guessing you've still got a lot of questions about this football team. Let's work on getting them answered.

Scott Cunningham

Ed. Note: It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I apologize for the inconsistent schedule that has ensued. It'll get better as the season goes on and my schedule settles down a bit, I promise.

Well, well, well. Another weekend, another game that's way too exciting for our health, huh? It's been a bit of an adventurous start to the season, if you ask me, and I know there are a lot of questions out standing about this team, from every angle. The depth chart has yet to completely settle. Our upcoming opponents have been shakier than expected. ESPN already has us at 13th of 14 in their ACC power rankings. The team is young and performs very differently at any time without warning.

Let us know of your questions about this team (or the basketball team, or my recent Georgia Tech recruiting trip, or anything at all), and we'll get them answered at some point tomorrow. Ask away!