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Technical Tidbits 9/15

In which Georgia Southern nearly breaks our hearts.

Kevin Ellison, bane of my existence
Kevin Ellison, bane of my existence
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If you were at Bobby Dodd Stadium to watch Georgia Tech and Georgia Southern square off on Saturday, just know that I went ahead an had a moment of silence for your composure which certainly died at some point in the second half. The game went from a 35-10 blowout at the half to a 38-35 Georgia Southern lead in the closing minutes, leaving even the most stoic of Tech fans squealing and yelling from their spot in the stands. Just when I was convinced that all hope was lost, Jamal Golden somehow got his hand on a pitch (or sideways pass, I guess?) which was then recovered by KeShun Freeman. When the result of the play went up for review and the replay was shown on Buzz Vision, no one in the entire stadium quite knew what had happened or what was going to happen as a result. The GSU fans and Tech fans alike sat quietly; few fans cheered and everyone was totally clueless as to the outcome of the review. In the end it obviously went Tech's way with the pass being called a fumble, but the exact rule is still very confusing and vague; I'd be shocked if we didn't get some more clarification at some point soon.

If there is one thing we have learned from the first three games this season, it's that Georgia Tech seems to have a serious aversion to playing a full four quarters of football. The offense and defense both struggled in the first half against Wofford and Tulane before cranking it up a notch in time for the last 30 minutes, but the exact opposite happened against Georgia Southern on Saturday. Tech racked up 200 rushing yards in the FIRST QUARTER (fine, 199 if you want to be that way about it) but finished the game with less than 350. That is a very worrisome statistic, especially when you factor in the ensuing implosion that would come about in the second half. If the team can't find a way to play a full 60 minutes then the simple truth is that they are bound for no bowl other than the porcelain one. And not even the nice kind. I'm talking full-on inner city gas station here.

Justin Thomas and Deon Hill were both in on what was the biggest play of the entire game on Saturday: the late touchdown pass which put the Jackets on top once and for all, stifling the GSU upset bid. Their recent interview really goes to show how good the chemistry on the team seems to be and, most of all, how much the win meant to the team. You can watch their interview (and those other players as well) below:

Among the teams that went for a major tumble in the week three power rankings were two of Georgia Tech's long-time-nemeses and soon-to-be blowout victims (three cheers for wishful thinking!) Virginia Tech and uga. The dwags and Hokies, both coming off of impressive early victories over Clemson and Ohio State, respectively, each fell to inferior competition on Saturday. uga bit the dust in Columbia and ECU invaded Blacksburg and smashed VPI's playoff hopes in one hilarious move. What does this mean for the Jackets? In all honesty, nothing. Tech has still not registered a single vote in the poll and likely won't until they beat Virginia Tech next week (IF they beat Virginia Tech next week).

What is keeping the Jackets from playing a complete game so far this season? Will they get it together in time to make a run at the ACC Coastal?

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