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Technical Tidbits 9/12

In which history shows that Georgia Tech will be victorious on Saturday.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

I'm filling in for Cade today, so don't expect too much.

Coach Paul Johnson will join a pretty small list when he squares up with his former team this week. Johnson first joined Georgia Southern as an assistant coach from 1983-1986. He later took over the head-coaching job from 1997-2001 and led them to a 62-10 record during his tenure. CPJ will become just the 10th active head coach to face his old team. The nine active FBS coaches have all won the previous meeting with their former school, so let's hope Tech can maintain that perfect record.

In case you've somehow missed it, the Georgia Southern director of player personnel, Vic Cabral, photo-shopped an interesting poster for their trip to Atlanta. The picture spins off of the popular show "The Walking Dead" and calls the invasion, "the eagleapocalypse." Not a lot of ring there. Cabral adds the traditional Georgia Southern yellow school busses to the picture. To all Georgia Southern fans coming up for the game, you may want to prepare for a little more traffic than you see in that picture.

The Yellow Jackets will be heading into the Georgia Southern game as healthy as you could possibly hope for after two games. Safety Isaiah Johnson will be back after missing the contest against Tulane. Freddie Burden and D.J. White are both good to go after leaving the game against Tulane. Quayshawn Nealy was in red at practice on Monday, but he should be close to 100% for the game on Saturday. With a healthy Georgia Tech roster and rust no longer being an excuse, we should get a full, warmed-up Yellow Jackets team on Saturday. It would be refreshing to all of us if Tech came out firing on all cylinders and provide us with a glimpse of the potential of the roster for this season instead of the lacking performances we've seen so far. I know we're all begging to see it.

In Atlanta sports news, Chris Vivlamore of the AJC obtained the audio recording of the Hawks conference call that has been highly scrutinized in the past week. After Hawks partial owner Bruce Levenson turned his own offensive e-mail in to the NBA and decided to sell his share of his team, more news began to come out regarding the entire organization. Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon reportedly called for GM Danny Ferry's dismissal after racial remarks he made about free-agent Luol Deng. Danny Ferry and the Hawks organization cited the remarks as being read off of a scouting report and claimed them to not be the words of Danny Ferry. I advise you to all listen to the tape yourself, but I'm pretty sure you'll hear what I hear. Those were not words being read. Those were words coming straight from the mind of Danny Ferry and were his own thoughts and opinions. Those thoughts and opinions are completely insensitive and have no place in the NBA. To make matters worse, you can hear chuckles in the background when the remarks are being made. These laughs are likely from different owners and members of the Hawks front office. This isn't a good situation for the Hawks, and the best thing to do from here is clean the house.

Will Paul Johnson keep the perfect streak going for coaches facing their former team? Will the Jackets survive the attack of the Eagleapocalypse? Should Danny Ferry be fired as the GM of the Atlanta Hawks?

Happy One-Day-From-Game-Day folks!