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Technical Tidbits 8/7

In which it's time for Georgia Tech to come clean to the NCAA.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech's first day of full-pads, full-contact practice went very smoothly on Tuesday, hopefully pointing towards a cohesive and successful 2014 campaign for the Jackets. Paul Johnson apparently liked what he saw from the guys during the practice session, and that always makes me feel good about the state of the program; if things went poorly, we would know all about it. My favorite little story-line from the first day of padded practice was Shaq Mason's decision to wear long sleeves under his jersey despite the sweltering August heat. Anyone who is willing to go to those lengths to better themselves should win an award of some kind -- Atlanta isn't exactly comfortable at this time of year in case you haven't been down here.

Fansided recently released a ranking of each coach in the ACC, using a set of criteria that I really don't understand. I normally wouldn't even link to this article, but there were a few things about it that made it very unique and interesting to read. The first thing was that the writer ranked David Cutcliffe at  No. 1 in the entire ACC, above both Frank Beamer and Jimbo Fisher. I've seen a lot of coach rankings lately during this dry spell before the season begins, and not one has featured anyone other than Jimbo at No. 1. The next thing is perhaps the most annoying to me: Paul Johnson comes in at ninth out of fourteen coaches. That. Is. Criminal. There is no reason that CPJ should be ranked anywhere below BC's first year coach in Steve Addazio, and I firmly believe that he is a top five coach in the conference. Does that mean that I think he's the most successful coach? No. But purely for his general coaching ability, No. 9 is extremely low for Paul.

Georgia Tech guard Shamire Devine is finally realizing what he can do, writes the AJC. I'd say that him being 6-7, 370 should just about allow him to do whatever he wants, but the better he can make himself the better the outlook is for the Tech team; Devine could have a huge impact in 2014 as the Jackets try to replace most of their offensive line from a season ago.

We've all seen the crazy self-reporting of NCAA violations that some major schools have been doing lately, but are they self-reporting them only to make fun of the NCAA or are they genuinely concerned about the consequences of their laser tag playing, icing-eating, pasta-loving ways? I think that the latter is a perfectly feasible reason for the schools to self-report, seeing as the NCAA has already set a precedent for, oh, I don't know, stripping teams of titles over donated clothing. Whatever the case may be, it must be time for Georgia Tech to self-report their miscues and face the consequences. Here, I'll start:

Dear NCAA,

It has come to my attention that a few Georgia Tech players were breathing heavily after a recent practice. This constitutes a serious violation of rule XIXIXIXXXIXIX, section 241523, subsection  , also known as excessive abuse of oxygen. Furthermore, potential recruits just so happen to be breathing this same air, which is considered direct contact as described in rule -π. We won't stand for this at Georgia Tech and I suggest that every win in Tech history be vacated and the football program be terminated.

Yours in compliance,


Where do you rank Paul Johnson among the ACC's coaches? What NCAA violations should Georgia Tech choose to self-report to avoid future conflict? What is the potential impact of Shamire Devine this season?

Have a great Thursday!