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Technical Tidbits 8/5

In which Travis Custis finally exits stage right once and for all.


Georgia Tech is officially out of the picture for former B-Back Travis Custis, writes the AJC. He was declared academically ineligible for the 2014 season and then announced his intentions to transfer to Hutchinson Community College in Kansas for the upcoming season, a school which... doesn't have the proper math classes for Tech? That seems like an issue that someone who had any intentions of resuming his Tech career would have looked into beforehand. At any rate, the announcement is hardly a surprise; no one but the severely optimistic expected to see Custis back on the Flats in the future. His next destination is likely an SEC school such as Vanderbilt or uga, assuming he gets his grades up and meets the admission requirements while at Hutchinson.

Shaq Mason is the perfect example of a guy who experiences tremendous success at the college level but doesn't get much attention of NFL draft boards because of his measurables that don't quite live up to the NFL average. At 6'1", 311, he'd be one of the smaller men in the NFL trenches, and that worries front offices and GMs alike. That said, Mason absolutely has the potential to have a great NFL career. His talent is a great and he hasn't had any disciplinary issues while at Georgia Tech; in fact, he's one of the leaders of the team. That is attractive for NFL teams that don't need the distraction of a big-shot guy with a huge ego. Mason will surely get his opportunity in the NFL regardless of what path he takes to get there, but how long he stays is entirely up to him.

Georgia Tech commit Jaylend Ratliffe, who was in critical condition following an ATV accident last week, is improving slowly but surely as he starts on the long road to recovery. While he is still a very long way from being able to suit up for the Jackets, it's great to hear that Georgia Tech will still honor his scholarship despite the injury that may not allow him to even play a snap of college ball. It's a very classy move by Paul Johnson and Mike Bobinski and absolutely the right decision to make for the guy; it has to be reassuring to know that he will still be able to get a great education even if he can't continue playing football.

My last link for the day comes to you via Clemson, SC, where quarterback Cole Stoudt is doing some pretty amazing stuff involving mannequins. I'm just impressed that he was able to stand so still for so long. I would have definitely blown it with an involuntary movement of some sort. Kudos to you, Cole.

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What is the NFL ceiling for Shaq Mason? Will his size hinder him or help him be successful?

Where will Travis Custis end up? Did he ever have any intentions of returning to Tech?

Have a great Tuesday!