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Georgia Tech Football: Newbies to Watch For – RB C.J. Leggett

We take a look at a solid running back from North Gwinnett High School and his potential for early playing time.

C.J. Leggett is very similar to Charles Perkins in skill set.
C.J. Leggett is very similar to Charles Perkins in skill set.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Due to recent events, many of the members of the Georgia Tech Football freshman class of 2014 will have opportunities to contribute in their first year on campus – and C.J. Leggett is no exception. Leggett, who weighs in at 5-10, 210 lbs, has good size and could play either A-back or B-back, depending on the need (which, at the moment, appears to be B-back). Leggett reminds me a lot of Charles Perkins, who came out of the same area as Leggett and was suitable for either position with a good mix of speed and size.

Leggett had a phenomenal senior year at North Gwinnett High School in Gwinnett County (40 minutes from campus) – 1734 yards and 23 touchdowns on 280 attempts. This is no small feat; North Gwinnett plays a tough schedule full of perennial state championship contenders such as Norcross, Camden County, and Grayson, so C.J. has no lack of experience playing in big games or against top talent.

Leggett has an excellent chance of seeing the field this season – should his redshirt be burned, I expect he would split back-up duties at B-back with redshirt-senior Matt Connors. With the widespread belief that Paul Johnson will be reverting his offense back to a simplified, more traditional flexbone scheme, Leggett fits in nicely as a change-of-pace option at either RB slot – he’s solid, quick, and shifty all at the same time. In his film below, you can see that North Gwinnett (who has deplorable taste in uniform design, in my opinion) used Leggett as an all-purpose back, which is excellent for us since we are having so many personnel shortages.

As you can see, C.J. should have no problem making a significant impact early in his career, if not as a true freshman then definitely in the 2015 season. Look for him wearing the #30 jersey this fall.

Will C.J. see the field this season? What kind of impact do you expect him to have and at what position?