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Georgia Tech Football - Wofford Halftime Report

No one saw this coming.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

In summary: not the half any of us were expecting. Tech leads 10-9.

Wofford’s offense has racked up 184 yards of offense and chewed up over 15 minutes of clock against Ted Roof’s new-fangled 4-2-5 defensive package, which isn’t exactly reassuring. Most of Wofford’s 173 yards on the ground came on a long 92-yard touchdown run by RB Ray Smith.

The Jackets have had their chances on offense but have failed to capitalize. After a solid first possession, a 9-play, 78-yard drive, the Jackets’ next two drives were a 3-and-out and a drive to the Wofford 14 that resulted in a missed 31-yard field goal by Harrison Butker. Tech’s would-be-last drive of the half was another fairly ineffectual drive, highlighted by a good throw by Justin Thomas to Tony Zenon for a pickup of 15. However, the late touchdown run by Wofford’s Smith gave the Jackets another shot at scoring – which they did with a 30-yard Butker field goal after a four play, 37 yard drive in the final 41 seconds of the half

Tech also dodged a couple of potentially deadly bullets. Wofford had 1st and five from inside the GT 25, but a false start and tackle-for-loss forced the Terriers to kick a field goal. Jamal Golden also botched a punt return inside the GT 15, but luckily the ball rolled out of bounds – otherwise, this could be a very, very different situation.

The good news? No notable injuries. Domonique Noble and Shawn Green were shaken up on a play in the first quarter but both returned shortly thereafter. Charles Perkins also took a nasty shot late in the second quarter but was able to run off the field under his own power. Green had a fantastic first half, with a blocked extra point and some solid tackles-for-loss. Further, the Jackets were able to put together a drive with 41 seconds left in the half (bolstered by a nice kick return out to midfield by Jamal Golden) to kick a field goal and take the lead.

Of note, the Austin twins both had their redshirts burned early in the first quarter, answering that question for us. Tyler Merriweather, Terrell Lewis, and KeShun Freeman also saw action in the first half.

My way-too-early assessment of Justin Thomas: excitable. Of the five balls he’s thrown downfield, he’s only completed one. He has overthrown the rest. He’s still as quick and shifty as ever though, and he was able to turn the corner nicely on an option play strung out by Wofford’s defense for a gain of eight.

It’s not over yet, guys. Let’s hope for a better second half.