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Technical Tidbits 8/29

What better way to celebrate the upcoming season than with even more bowl projections?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech is just one of many FBS programs facing a slump in season ticket sales over the past few years, writes the AJC. Just last week, ticket sales surpassed the 21,000 mark -- over 1,000 tickets short of projections -- and are not on pace to exceed last seasons mark with kickoff lurking around the corner. In my view, the main opposition to season tickets are the online websites (StubHub, Ticketmaster, etc.) that allow fans to get individual game tickets at much (much!) lower prices. I, for instance, am a first-time season ticket holder this season because these sites have offered a much cheaper way for me to get into games -- this season's $99 season ticket plan is what changed that for me (Georgia Southern and Clemson alone exceed $99 online).

Georgia Tech basketball newcomer Demarco Cox could be exactly what the Jackets have been looking for in recent seasons: a physical, tough, post player with the potential to really fit Brian Gregory's scheme, both offensively and defensively. Cox, who measures in at 6'-8", will be a much smaller center than we are used to seeing after four years of big Daniel Miller and Kammeon Holsey on the Flats, but he will absolutely bring the physical presence that those two weren't able to fully provide. It's strange to say it, but I'm actually quite glad to have a center with little range coming into the program -- Miller and Holsey both had decent mid-range jumpers which took them away from the basket and eliminated hopes for offensive rebounds (particularly with Robert Carter out for so long).

Just because I know how much you all love your preseason (I guess it is still considered preseason?) bowl projections, please enjoy this most recent set out predictions courtesy of ESPN. The Jackets are picked to partake in the St. Petersburg Bowl, one of many bowls with a new sponsor, in this case... Bitcoin, the totally not at all shady internet currency which may or may not be utilized by some of the creepiest people on earth. I would much prefer that the Jackets make an appearance in the Duck Commander Independence Bowl, contingent on an appearance by Uncle Si at halftime.

If fantasy football is your life and religion for the duration of the NFL season (like it is for me), then you probably know that two certain former Tech wideouts stand alone at the top of the WR rankings, apart from all others and on their own little echelon of awesomeness. Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas are, after all, the two premier receivers in the game and have been for a number of years now -- what fantasy owner wouldn't want them? I'm proud to say that I've met my quota by taking Bay Bay in the second round (after taking CJ in the second round last season), so I've done my part; have you?

How might Georgia Tech solve their ticket sales dilemma? What is the biggest rival to season ticket sales at this point?

Have a great (and hopefully long) weekend!