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Georgia Tech Football: Wofford Game Over/Unders

Because football isn't officially back until you're picking against arbitrary prop lines for FBS/FCS games.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, we kicked off the 2014 edition of Over/Unders with a "Special Edition" covering the entire season. Today, we get the party started with Over/Unders for the game against Wofford.

For those just tuning in, below are 6 completely arbitrary lines concerning the game on the Flats this weekend. (Usually at least the spread would be non-arbitrary, but this time there's not even one of those available, so I made my own.) Enter your username at the top of the form (if you haven't registered on the site, do that first) and then for each line, select whether you think the final stat is "Over" or "Under" the number provided. If it is unclear how "Over" or "Under" are applied here (which it shouldn't be in this case), take the "Over" to mean "better for Georgia Tech".

We'll recap these next week before presenting the Over/Unders for the Tulane game.

All submissions are due by kickoff.

Good luck and happy picking!