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Technical Tidbits 8/28

In which Georgia Tech continues a tradition of being ranked poorly.

Scott Cunningham

Georgia Tech has kicked off a new Ask the Jackets campaign in which fans are invited to submit their questions for various players via social media. The first installment was released just yesterday, with the first Tech player interviewed being starting B-Back (and potential 1,000-yard rusher if you picked the over) Zach Laskey. My favorite question was the first he was asked, regarding the most difficult thing about running the new hurry-up flexbone offense which Paul Johnson has decided to test out this season. If Tech can get that aspect of their offense going at 100%, 2014 could be a very scary season for opposing defenses.

Paul Johnson has now confirmed what we all were confident would be the case heading into Saturday's game against Wofford: Justin Thomas will start for the Jackets, at least for the time being. He will be backed up by big Tim Byerly, who apparently will not be a part of a dual quarterback system like we saw back in 2012. There was some speculation as to whether or not CPJ would go with a two-QB system in 2014, but it now appears that he will go with Justin Thomas for all four quarters, barring something unexpected happening. Byerly provides a solid backup in the case of early struggles or an injury for Thomas.

CBS Sports recently put out their annual Top 128 ranking, which features Georgia Tech at a depressing 58th position. The Jackets are currently behind some of the worst teams in the ACC, including Syracuse and NC State, as well as the likes of Bowling Green, Maryland, and Fresno State among others. Schools ranked just below Tech include ULL, Indiana, and even Virginia. Whoever decided on those rankings clearly didn't read the FTRS best case scenario post; if they did, Tech would be number one just out of pure Kool-Aid chugging awesomeness.

We've all seen the crazy things that happen in the world we live in. Stuff happens every day that we had absolutely no clue even could occur, so who's to say that all 128 teams can't improve from last season? The only thing standing in the way of that magnificent feat (besides math and logic) is our own negativity. If every single team wants to get better, who says they can't? I now project every team to 15-0 and win the championship.

How would you rank Georgia Tech out of the 128 DI teams? Is the offense in good hands with Justin Thomas?