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Technical Tidbits 8/27

In which we find an excuse to be unreasonable.

Your 2014 ACC Champion Wake Forest Demon Deacons
Your 2014 ACC Champion Wake Forest Demon Deacons
Ellen Ozier-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Tech playing the Chick-fil-A kickoff game against an SEC school. It seemed at one point part like nothing more than a distant dream which likely wouldn't amount to much, but it now appears that Tech actually will be playing the kickoff game against the Tennessee Volunteers. If that is in fact the case, it would be a huge deal for the Jackets -- they would get to play the first game in the new Falcons stadium against a big-market SEC school in the national spotlight. It would be just the type of publicity the Jackets need to (hopefully) start off a successful 2017 football campaign.

Football season is so close I can almost taste it. In just about three days, the Jackets will take the field against the fearsome Wofford Terriers, whom the Jackets should handle easily in the annual FCS tune-up game. There is, in fact, only one question remaining about Tech's tango with Wofford this Saturday: who are the Terriers? The article really gives some good insight on just who they are, and there appears to be a lot more history within the program than I had originally though. No, that doesn't mean they are any sort of crazy FCS powerhouse, but it does mean that there are some interesting little factoids surrounding the team, my favorite being the tale of head coach Mike Ayers. Ayers, a veteran head coach by any standard, has been with Wofford for 26 seasons now, compiling a record of 175-121-1 during his time with the team. I mean wow, that's like... almost seven Paul Johnson eras for those of you who measure time in CPJcades like I do.

The annual underdogs poll is one of my all-time favorite measuring sticks for speculating about the potential success of underrated programs. It always lets me know who to look out for during the upcoming season, and this year's team to watch for happens to be the Marshall Thundering Herd. I can actually see things materializing for the Herd this season; this is, after all, the team that took last season's VPI team to quadruple overtime before eventually losing on a two point conversion. On a completely unrelated note, I really like Marshall's head coach, Doc Holliday. He runs a really fun-to-watch offense and has traditionally had some pretty stout defenses with the Herd. But then again, I do watch Georgia Tech football. All offenses look fun-to-watch and all defenses look stout when you sit through 12 games of lovely mediocrity per year.

ESPN recently made their fearless ACC predictions post, in which the authors guessed it, fearless ACC predictions. Most of the predictions actually seem somewhat reasonable (except for 10-win VPI and bowl-bound Hoos [sorry, Mike London]), but what fun are predictions that are reasonable? I like unreasonable things better, don't you? Here are my unreasonable picks:

-Wake Forest wins the ACC, blows out Florida State 223-0 in title game.

-uga wins ACC despite not being in the ACC because, you know, uga is obviously going to win everything this season.

-UNC actually gets investigated for academic fraud.

What are your unreasonable ACC predictions for this season? What are your thoughts on a Tech -- Vols matchup in 2017?

BUT WAIT, BEFORE I GO I MUST FUEL THE UNIFORM FIRE! None of the Georgia Tech billboards around Atlanta have a Russell Athletic logo anywhere on them. Conspiracy? I think yes.

Have a great Wednesday!