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Technical Tidbits 8/26

Good morning, let's talk uniform conspiracies.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

What better way to start off a Tuesday morning than with uniforms? I can't think of one, especially when the latest football fashion news involves Georgia Tech and a potential Under Armour deal. Sure, the whole thing is just a huge conspiracy at this point, but who wouldn't be excited to see Tech walk away from its less than inspiring deal with Russell Athletic? We talked the other day about how most of the Tech apparel in stores is flat out lame and unappealing, but those new UA shirts look like something that I would actually wear and not feel embarrassed about being seen in. That, believe it or not, is a pretty big component of branding.

Maggie Bridges is a female. Maggie Bridges is Miss Georgia. Maggie Bridges is Georgia Tech student. I must have messed up my formula or something because last I checked there were no girls whatsoever at Georgia Tech, which is deeply confusing to me. Bridges, who hails from tiny Brinson, Georgia, understands the stereotypes that Tech faces in terms of gender distribution; her comments in the article sum everything up perfectly. This new wave of students at Tech, including Bridges, should go a long way towards eliminating all of the negative perceptions of Tech as a school, hopefully paving the way for, duh, better sports. Who knows, Maggie may even come up with a cure for the pervasive TBS epidemic that is sweeping the Flats; the sky's the limit for a Tech graduate.

Georgia Tech B-Back Synjyn Days is continuing to navigate the postseason depth chart; he is now the second stringer and immediate backup to Zach Laskey. Tech's B-Back stable is going to be one of the most exciting ones we've seen in recent seasons under Paul Johnson-- Laskey could be a top rusher in the ACC, C.J. Leggett has tremendous upside, and Days and Matt Connors are both more than solid in the run game. If everything goes as well as it could, I can see Paul Johnson's flexbone offense as being one of the most effective offenses in the country; a more suited QB and more solid A and B-Backs are all solid indicators for the upcoming season.

Yesterday, I touched on Cam Newton's classy decision to visit Georgia Tech commit Jaylend Ratliffe in the hospital, but failed to actually give any kind of update on his condition, which is greatly improved. Ratliffe was recently give the go ahead to drink fluids and eat jello rather than being fed through a tube as he had been previously-- a small step for the tremendous athlete in what will be a challenging recovery.

What are your thoughts on the Tech -- UA conspiracy?

Have a great Tuesday!