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Technical Tidbits 8/25

In which the Duke Blue Devil haunts your very soul.

Streeter Lecka

Following a serious brain injury sustained in an ATV accident earlier this month, Georgia Tech commit Jaylend Ratliffe is continuing to recover in a Charlotte area hospital. It's going to be a long and winding road to recovery for Ratliffe, but a recent visit from Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton should certainly do a lot to raise the spirits of the talented prospect. It was an extremely classy move by Newton to make the trip to Charlotte to spend some time with Ratliffe at all, much less spending over an hour with the Tech commit. Doctors are still unsure if Ratliffe will ever play football again, but aren't willing to give up hope yet. Regardless of his future football endeavors, Jaylend will be able to attend Georgia Tech; the school will still honor his scholarship following his release from the hospital even if he can't play.

Former Georgia Tech ace Buck Farmer made his career debut for the Detroit Tigers, allowing four runs in five innings to the Pirates, just two weeks ago. Last week, Farmer made his second career start, this one against the Twins, and got blown up for seven runs in 1.3 innings pitched, taking the loss. That said, the MLB has hardly been kind to the solid starter; 11 runs in 6.3 innings is not good by any stretch. The problem, if there truly is one, seems obvious to me: the Tigers rushed him up too quickly and had expectations that were way too high. They are currently in a pennant race and expect wins out of every pitcher; there are no experimental starts for young guys because they need wins right now. It really isn't fair to Farmer and his first starts are not at all indicative of what he is capable of.

CBS Sports recently raised one of the more interesting questions I've heard recently: does a surprise appearance in a BCS Bowl actually create momentum or just high expectations for the furture? In the case of most schools, I'd say that a BCS Bowl appearance absolutely creates unreasonable expectations for the future, Georgia Tech included. If the Jackets happen to make the playoffs this season, anything but a return to the playoffs next season would be considered a disappointment by just about every Tech fan; the team would be returning basically the same core of players, so why wouldn't they have even more success?

Just in case you need a quick smile (or cringe) to lighten up your Monday morning, I've got you covered with this article: the 21 Most Terrifying Old College Mascots. Man, some of those things are just absolutely creepy. The Syracuse clown (?) is just about enough to make me hate the school itself. No wonder their mascot is an orange; they have to make up for all those kids whose lives were ruined by promoting proper vitamin C consumption. Couple that clown with the questionable Duke Blue Devil and the constipated Buckeye and you have a perfect recipe for a lot of nightmares.

Do surprise bowl appearances create actual momentum or just unrealistic expectations for a program? What about in the case of Georgia Tech?