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Technical Tidbits 8/22

In which Uga (finally) takes a bath.

The most attractive person in all of Athens.
The most attractive person in all of Athens.
Scott Cunningham

Bobby Cremins, the winningest basketball coach in Georgia Tech history, is being considered for the interim head coaching job at the College of Charleston, writes CBS. Cremins led the Jackets onto the court for 19 seasons, a span that included three ACC Coach of the Year honors and multiple NCAA Tournament appearances. He spent six seasons coaching at the College of Charleston from 2006-2012, so a return as in interim would not be much of a surprise; the Cougars fired Cremins' successor, Doug Wojcik, following reports of verbal abuse among other infractions.

The Good Word sat down with Georgia Tech center Freddie Burden for five questions yesterday, and the questions (and some answers) were very interesting to say the least. Burden, a red-shirt sophomore, is currently listed at first on the depth chart and should have a big year for the Jackets in what will be his first season as a starting first-stringer. From what I gather, a consensus has been reached on two topics if nothing else: 1. Jamal Golden is a very interesting person to follow on Twitter and 2. Mary Mac's is the best place to eat in Atlanta (you can tell because all of the OL goes there regularly). I really need to figure that place out and get there ASAP before all that comfort food is gone...

To fully summarize the upcoming season, it has taken us here at FTRS just short of 100 articles. By that logic, describing an entire team in one word should be just about impossible, shouldn't it? I'd say so, but that didn't stop ESPN from asking all of the power five coaches to describe their team for the upcoming season in one word. Paul Johnson took the easy way out and gave a simple "young" as his answer -- as did three other coaches -- while others had more interesting answers. Louisville's Bobby Petrino's word was "Unknown", Baylor's Art Briles said "Mad", and Indiana's Kevin Wilson used "Cusp". On the cusp of what, I have no idea. I know you are wondering what exactly Mark Richt called his dwag squad, and his answer was "wow". Don't judge, it's the biggest word his fanbase knows and the only one they can spell.

Fact: Uga IX needs a bath just from spending so much time in Athens. What better way to get Uga that bath than challenging the crapface itself to an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? That genius idea comes to you courtesy of UConn's mascot, Johnathon XIV, who was challenged by NIU's mascot to pour ice cold water on his back. Johnathon, not one to back down from a challenge, glady accepted and challenges uga's ugly, mangy mascot to perform one simple task: take a bath. How hard could it be? Note: I promise that this is the last Ice Bucket Challenge link I will post here. It was just too good to leave out.

What is one word that you would use to describe the 2014 Georgia Tech team? What are your favorite words that coaches used to describe their teams? (Look below for the remaining four conferences.)

B1G -- SEC -- PAC-12 -- BIG 12

Have a great weekend!