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Georgia Tech Football: Monday Mailbag 8/25 Questions

This season, we'll be doing a "mailbag" feature to kick off each week. Well, Tech's game week.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Something we got away from a bit in the offseason was the consistent mailbag feature we've had in the past. Sometimes these things get a bit stale, and sometimes there's just not enough going on that people can ask about.

Well, with the season about to start, we're getting into midseason form. We're going to be posting a "questions" thread every Sunday morning throughout the season, giving you the opportunity to ask me (or the staff) questions pertaining to Georgia Tech, Atlanta, football, recruiting, basketball, baseball, ourselves, life in general -- anything you want to hear our thoughts on.

That said, next week is our first game week! We'll have our first weekly mailbag Monday morning, where you can talk about camp, the Wofford game, other football games next week, or anything else football-related or otherwise. Go ahead and leave your questions in the comments so that we can get this party started the right way.

What Georgia Tech-pertaining (or otherwise) questions do you have for Monday's mailbag?