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Georgia Tech Football: ACC Championship and Awards Preview

Now that we've looked at each individual division, we will be wrapping up the series by looking at our hypothetical ACC Championship Game.

Miami HC Al Golden approves of my predictions. Do you?
Miami HC Al Golden approves of my predictions. Do you?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Based on my predictions (Coastal and Atlantic), we will see a rematch between Miami and Florida State in our ACC Championship Game this season. The game will once again be held at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

By my predictions, Miami will come into the game with its only conference loss coming by the hands of Jameis Winston and the Seminoles. Honestly, this would definitely be a great game to watch. Both teams have some incredible talent on both sides of the ball. I fully expect their first encounter to be close, with Florida State edging out the Canes, and for this one to be equally exciting.

Miami would be coming into this game determined not to lose to the Seminoles for the second time in the season. That determination (and a few good runs by Duke Johnson) could be just enough to edge out Florida State. For the purpose of predictions, I will go ahead and say that if this were the situation, Miami would win 35-32 and represent the ACC in the ACC Tournament. With Miami's toughest out-of-conference game being Nebraska, I find it hard to believe that they won't be undefeated in those games.

For awards in the ACC, I will be predicting the Coach of the Year, the Player of the Year, the Rookie of the Year, the Offensive/Defensive Players of the Year, and the Offensive/Defensive Rookies of the Year.

Starting with Coach of the Year, I believe that, based on my predictions, the 2014 ACC Coach of the Year will be Al Golden. As a coach that has, in my opinion, under-performed in his time as a Head Coach, Al Golden should win under my predicted circumstances. He will have replaced a starting QB that has performed admirably for the Canes while also replacing a few key pieces on defense.

Next up is the Player of the Year. I find it slightly difficult to believe that Jameis Winston will not win this again. Even if Florida State does not win the ACC, Jameis Winston is still a good QB with plenty of targets. As a redshirt-sophomore, I believe that "Famous" Jameis will improve upon his freshman numbers. In this situation, Jameis Winston would also win Offensive Player of the Year. Another name to watch here is Miami HB Duke Johnson.

As for Defensive Player of the Year, Vic Beasley is a near-lock. The pass-rusher from Clemson should definitely have another big year for the Tigers and is definitely one of the ACC's best chances at having a First Team All-American. Another name to watch out for here is young Virginia Tech CB Kendall Fuller.

Next up, we have the Rookie of the Year. If everything goes as I have planned (which it likely won't), then redshirt-freshman Miami QB Kevin Olsen will bring home Rookie of the Year and Offensive Rookie of the Year. If Miami wins the ACC Championship behind the arm of Kevin Olsen, there is no way that he won't win Rookie of the Year. Another guy to watch out for (if he can crack the starting lineup) is Clemson QB Deshaun Watson.

Finally, we have the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Under these circumstances, I will predict Florida State DT Keith Bryant to bring home the award. The other major name that I expect to see in play here is Georgia Tech DE Keshun Freeman if he can stay in the starting lineup. Because of rumors I have heard that Roderick Rook-Chungong has overtaken Freeman, though, I will stick with Keith Bryant as my pick.

How'd I do with my picks? What are your's?