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Technical Tidbits 8/20

In which Tech is projected to end up in the Toilet Bowl.

Scott Cunningham

Georgia Tech starting kicker Harrison Butker has one simple but very difficult goal set for himself in 2014: be perfect from week one on. I wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility for Butker to have a perfect season this year; he is, after all, an immensely talented kicker playing in an offense that tends to go for deep in enemy territory. When you think about it, Paul Johnson's habit of going for it on fourth and short can be both helpful and harmful for Butker -- it gives him fewer opportunities to miss but also means that his few attempts will be from longer distances. Whatever the case may be, I especially like his goal to eliminate out of bounds kickoffs. Those are some of the harshest penalties in football and can absolutely kill the defense, as we saw once or twice against Clemson last season when Butker booted one out of bounds while the Jackets were rallying.

If you thought Paul Johnson was the only Georgia Tech head coach taking the infamous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, you are sadly mistaken; Brian Gregory took the same challenge as CPJ, but multiplied the consequences by four. I really like the gesture that was made towards the mother of former Tech player Jon Babul, who is currently battling ALS herself. The Ice Bucket Challenge, even if you are tired of hearing about it, a really great fundraiser and way to raise awareness about ALS. If you haven't yet taken it yet, I challenge YOU. You have 24 hours from the time you read this, or else... well, I guess there aren't any consequences, but you should still do it.

The A-Back is one of the staples to a flexbone scheme like Paul Johnson runs at Georgia Tech. Without their services on the perimeter, the entire offense would falter and fail to gain yards effectively as teams would just crowd the box and prevent the Jackets from moving anywhere; the A-Back position is simply a necessity. That said, the 2014 group of A-Backs could be one of the deepest that we've seen in recent seasons under Paul Johnson. The group features the likes of Charles Perkins, Tony Zenon, Deon Hill, BJ Bostic, Broderick Snoddy, and Synjyn Days among others; they truly have the potential to be a great unit and really drive the Tech offense this season.

Just in case you weren't satisfied with the bowl projection that I brought up recently that saw Tech playing in the Military Bowl, well... you probably should be. Why, you ask? Because the most recent predictions from CBS Sports don't see Tech playing in any bowl at all. I simply can't see a situation in which the Jackets fail to make a bowl game, particularly with games against Wofford, Georgia Southern, and Tulane, but I guess that anything is possible when you are a fan of the Yellow Jackets.

Are the Jackets set for the season at A-Back or would they need additional depth/talent to be effective in 2014? Who will be the A-Back with the biggest impact this season? What do you think of the bowl projections?

Have a great Wednesday!