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Technical Tidbits 8/19

In which Paul Johnson accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge.


It is no easy feat to consolidate the performance of a head coach into a single paragraph, especially when that coach spent many a year leading the Jackets onto the field. That said, it is much more difficult to press those years of coaching into a single letter, which is exactly what Fansided decided to do in their recent article, Georgia Tech Football: Grading the Head Coaches Since 1980. I can't say that I really disagree with any of the picks the writer made; after all, any coach who gets his name censored by Tech fans (as one in particular does) probably deserves an F. But for now, let's go ahead and open a new can of worms: does Paul Johnson deserve a B? I say absolutely.

As you may have heard, former Georgia Tech ace Buck Farmer made his career debut for the Detroit Tigers last week, earning a no decision and nearly defeating the Pirate Vance Worley. It has been quite a journey for the dynamic hurler -- he has been with four different teams in the last month, including low-A, double-A, triple-A, and the MLB team-- enough to make even the best of us feel weary. Walking into that clubhouse for the first time must have been one of the most surreal experiences in Farmer's life; he had officially entered a rotation that included the three most recent Cy Young winners, MVP Miguel Cabrera, and a slew of top-tier talent. His first start in the bigs was hopefully the first of many to come!

Being a the head coach of a DI team is hard. Being the coach of a DI team AND being up to date with all of the recent fads is even harder. That is what makes Paul Johnson's recent endeavor, accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Army HC Jeff Monken, so impressive. I can just about guarantee that watching the video below will brighten up your Tuesday. After all, who doesn't like dumping buckets ice water on their heads? I know I do.

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While this isn't directly related to Georgia Tech, it absolutely has the potential to change the entire college football landscape in 2014: Ohio State QB Braxton Miller could potentially miss all of 2014 after re-injuring his surgically repaired shoulder. Ohio State is ranked in the top 5 of most major preseason polls, and the absence of their star quarterback could likely drop them down a few spots, maybe even making room for another ACC team in the new playoffs. The Buckeyes simply can't win them all without their grizzled veteran, and it really complicates the playoff picture for the time being.

How would you rank the head coaches of Georgia Tech's recent history? Do they deserve credit or criticism for what they did while at Tech? If you could go back and hire another prospective coaching candidate in the place of a former Tech coach, who would it be?