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Technical Tidbits 8/11

In which John Swofford makes the Terps pay up.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Tech defensive line is one of the biggest question marks that the 2014 group faces. It will be without the services of many longtime starters, but there are plenty of guys ready to step up and fill the void; in short, depth is not the problem. Experience is. Adam Gotsis is the most veteran of the returning guys from the unit, and his leadership ability should go a long way in determine the success of the line this season. If all of that raw talent that Tech has can mature in time, the line could actually be one of the strengths of the team, in the future if not this season.

With Robert Godhigh now just a memory on the Flats, Paul Johnson and the Jackets will be looking for someone new to step up at A-Back, and Tony Zenon is making strides in the right direction to be that man. Zenon hasn't gotten tons of carries during his Tech career being behind guys like Orwin Smith and Robert Godhigh on the depth chart, but 2014 could be the season for him to show everyone what he's got; his strong camp performance should earn him a few more snaps to make his point. The article also mentions Justin Thomas being very solid throwing the ball in the recent scrimmage; his arm needs to be spot on during 2014 to help balance out the offense.

Maryland may have left the ACC in favor of the B1G, but the conference didn't let them go cheap -- the Terps payed $31.4 million dollars to leave the ACC, the largest buyout in recent realignment history. Maryland absolutely could have gotten off much worse, but they paid just enough to hopefully send a strong message to the rest of the ACC: if you want to leave, it better be worth it. There couldn't be a better time for the conference to send this message, either. With the growing success of Florida State and Clemson and the consistent meh-ness of the rest of the conference, it is only natural that some fans will want their schools to defect.

Don't mess with an FSU fan's shot at a Jameis Winston autograph, it could get hairy. You know you are a celebrity when people are getting arrested for fighting while waiting in line for your autograph. Poor Jameis just can't catch a break down in Tallahassee. You may be wondering what the two people were fighting about, and since I am in the know about these things I'll let you in on the argument. "I'M TELLING YOU, THEY WERE KING CRABS." "NO, THEY WERE SNOW CRABS, IDIOT." It all went downhill from there.

Will the ACC begin to lose members if the Atlantic schools continue trending upwards and the Coastal schools trend downwards? What would that mean for Georgia Tech and the credibility of the conference?

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