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100 Days to Kickoff: The Midpoint Approacheth

We're roughly at the midway point in our countdown to kickoff, meaning things are going to pick up even more around here.

Play time is over, but that doesn't mean we ever stopped winning trophies.
Play time is over, but that doesn't mean we ever stopped winning trophies.

Today's date is July 8th, 2014. Believe it or not, it marks the 48th day since we started Opinion Week, thus kicking off our "100 Days to Kickoff" Initiative. The initial goal was to bring you articles every single one of those 100 days to make sure that you were adequately prepared to watch Georgia Tech football this fall once the season opener against Wofford comes around. So far, we've provided you with a lot of content related to Georgia Tech football, discussing the opinions held by FTRS writers in Opinion Week, remembering some of the best moments from 2013 with the Top 10 Plays, and checking out what our adversaries have been doing with Opponent Previews.

The time has come, though, to turn from these topics of the past and everyone else, and start looking at the team we're going to war with this fall.

Beginning tomorrow, we're going to have a dense schedule moving forward, dissecting this team from every angle. We're looking at each position group, some individual players, how we match up with our opponents, and how we fit in with the rest of the conference. It's going to involve a lot of analysis, a lot of optimism, plenty of pessimism, and hopefully even more realism.

We're getting you ready for this fall, and it's time to really get down to business.

We're halfway there. Let's finish strong.