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Technical Tidbits 7/8

In which Georgia Tech is only the second nerdiest college in Georgia.

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Charles Mitchell, the former Maryland power forward who will transfer to Tech in time for the 2014 season, expects to bring more energy and rebounding to a Tech team that appeared struggled in those areas last season. By the end of last season, the rash of injuries that plagued the Jackets had begun to take a toll on the energy of guys like Trae Golden and Daniel Miller, both of whom were playing at positions with very little depth, so a fresh body like Mitchell (who could be in the discussion for a starting assignment) should help keep Tech relatively fresh all season, barring injuries of course. Rebounding is essential for Brian Gregory's highly physical scheme, and the Jackets were less than impressive last season on the glass; particularly when Robert Carter tore his meniscus. When Daniel Miller was off the floor, Tech struggled against the big, physical ACC competition -- Mitchell's size should definitely help in this regard.

The brief Trae Golden era is over at Tech, and the new man in charge at PG for the Jackets is thought to be Travis Jorgenson, the explosive guard who missed most of last season due to injury. His inexperience, having only played in four games against low-level competition, will come into play next season as Tech looks for their point guard of the future -- Jorgenson has the potential to be a big time player for the Jackets with his ability to drive to the basket and shoot from the perimeter as well. That said, the sample size I'm going off of is very small. For all we know, his ACL injury could have taken away much of his agility and thrown off his shooting stroke a bit to boot; even a knee injury can change the way a basketball player has to operate for the remainder of their career. Now, I don't foresee Jorgenson struggling with his knee in 2014 (fingers crossed), and if all goes as planned he could be a premier guard in the ACC. To be honest, if everything goes Jorgenson's way I see him as having NBA upside. I love his game and IQ for his age.

This seems like a good opportunity to point out that uga wide receiver Chris Conley created his very own Star Wars fan fiction movie. It was... well, it was... interesting. Let me just take this time to remind all of the youngsters out there that we are the nerds, not the guys making the Star Wars fan fiction. There's a joke to be made about a space-based film being made at Sanford Stadium, but I can't bring myself to make it.

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This isn't truly related to Georgia Tech (at all), but I thought it was pretty hilarious nonetheless. A picture was leaked recently of the erratic yet always entertaining Johnny Manziel rolling up a dollar bill for what people assumed was a not-so-noble cause, and the Internet exploded as it does so often. Seeing the chaos, SB Nation decided to step in and calm the storm, supplying the public with plenty of plausible reasons for Manziel to have been rolling the dollar bill in the first place. If you ask me, he was obviously making  his good friend King James a Chinese finger trap for them to play with together. It's either that or he was making a twisty straw for his apple juice. What other logical explanations are there?

Is Travis Jorgenson the future at guard for the Jackets? What is his ceiling for his college career?

Have a great day and Go Jackets!