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Technical Tidbits 7/30

In which Paul Johnson has the best abs in the ACC.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

Georgia Tech safety Isaiah Johnson is approaching the 2014 season with three predetermined goals for both himself and his team: win the Coastal, boast one of the strongest defenses in the conference, and prove that his knee is healthy. That third goal is what could be the deciding factor in whether or not Johnson gets his shot at an NFL dream; a healthy knee and solid season should be more than enough to propel him onto all draft boards, maybe even seeing him go as high as the second or third round. While there is some question as to whether or not Johnson can bounce back from his severe knee injury sustained prior to the Sun Bowl,  he should be able to dissipate any worries as early as week one. He was cleared to play midway through last season, so the smart decision to sit out the remainder of the year anyway should just about guarantee a full recovery for that knee.

Georgia Tech walk-on Patrick Lamar is going to use his time at Georgia Tech to become much more than a basketball player; he aspires to be an Army medic. It goes without saying that last year's Tech squad could have used his medical expertise to help out with the rash of injuries suffered by different players throughout the season, but Brian Gregory and company should be glad to have him nonetheless. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Lamar get some minutes this season, especially if his three point shooting is as good as advertised. In case you weren't watching last season, that was an area that Georgia Tech was absolutely stagnant in. You know, that and the rest of the stuff that involved putting the ball through the hoop.

With TaQuon Marshall's decision to commit to Tech coming in last night, the upcoming recruiting class has risen all the way to 20th in the nation (for the time being). There will likely be a few guys who decide that the process of committing doesn't involve a commitment on their part, and those few players will end up playing elsewhere, but for the time being it's an encouraging sign that really shows how much improvement Tech has seen in recruiting. If the current ranking does, in fact, stand then it would be the highest ranking for Tech in recent history; the highest since they finished at 18th overall in 2007.

Just in case you missed this pretty funny article comparing the six packs of ACC coaches, be sure to check it out. It involves Duke's David Cutcliffe and NCSU's Dave Doeren both attempting to copy Larry Fedora's six pack, so why wouldn't you want to check it out? The only obvious thing about that whole article is that CPJ obviously has the best six pack in the ACC and maybe in the nation, but don't take my word for it:

Now we just need one of CPJ taking a mirror selfie and my life will be complete...

What will Tech's recruiting ranking be when next season begins? Will they keep this momentum going and crack the top 20 or fall down into the 40's-50's?

Have a great Wednesday!