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Technical Tidbits 7/16

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In which ESPN naysays GT Football for the eighteenth time this month.

Some more talent is headed this way.
Some more talent is headed this way.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Tech recruiting staff have really mashed on the gas this week. One of the top OGs from the state of Georgia Brandon Sandifer is set for a campus visit this morning with the Jackets coaches. Sandifer, a 4 star on 247Sports, has offers from Alabama, Florida, FSU, Ohio State, South Carolina, and more. Georgia Tech already has 13 verbal commitments for the class of 2015 and has the 34th-ranked class in the country according to 247. A commitment from Sandifer would definitely be a great addition to an already outstanding class. You can check out some of his highlights here

Just what you’ve all been waiting for – ESPN has released a new article about how Georgia Tech football is going nowhere this season. In fact, might as well not play the games at all, since, according to them, we have a 0% chance at going undefeated and a 1% chance at winning the conference. What irks me is the 0% - they're giving us a definite impossibility of winning all 12 games before even a single snap has been played. ESPN’s foolproof formula pegs us at finishing 6-6, which I think in and of itself is rather silly. I know that no game is a given (especially after the game in 2012 against… ah, I can’t bring myself to say it), but looking at our schedule, I can’t rightfully find six losses and be confident about calling them losses. Our four hardest games – georgia, Miami, VT, and Clemson – are against teams that are all breaking in new quarterbacks. Two of those games are at home, and two of them are after a bye. Don’t get me wrong, 6-6 could very well happen; I just think it is a poor (and unfortunately typical) prediction.

Former assistant athletic director Dean Buchan recently posted a very interesting article on his website about why he believes Georgia Tech will be better than most people are expecting this fall. He makes some interesting points and does a good job constructing a complete argument supporting his claim – assuming he is right in saying that the quarterback situation has improved (which, in my opinion, it has), most areas of our team should be playing at a higher level than last year’s squad. That, coupled with an easier schedule, should translate to more wins. My favorite quote of the article: "The bottom line is that Georgia Tech … seems to thrive when the Yellow Jackets can muster that us-against-the-world mentality." Dean, on behalf of everyone reading this, I do certainly hope you are right.

Taking a break from football, big news broke the other day concerning former Tech star and current Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh. Bosh, following the departure of teammate Lebron James, signed a contract worth $118 million over five years with the Heat. Let’s break that down real quick. That’s $23.6 million per season. Assuming the Heat play 82 regular season games and an average of, say, 10 postseason games per season, Bosh is raking in over a quarter of a million dollars per game. Over the past few years, he’s played an average of about 36 minutes per game. That’s $120 a second – some serious cash.