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Technical Tidbits 6/9

The ACC: lettin' the cash flow since 1953.

New Yellow Jacket Nick Jacobs blocking a shot.
New Yellow Jacket Nick Jacobs blocking a shot.
Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

Just days after Georgia Tech was named as a finalist for the services of Alabama transfer Nick Jacobs, the 6-8 power forward announced his intentions to transfer to Tech for the remainder of his career. Jacobs is the third basketball transfer for Tech this off season and will sit out all of the upcoming season before playing his final season as a senior when eligible. He averaged 8.4 points and 3.5 rebounds for the Tide last season before being dismissed indefinitely from the team due to "a pattern of behavior and inconsistencies with his responsibilities as a student athlete" (Alabama coach Anthony Grant), a hardly encouraging sign for a Tech program that has experienced quite a few disciplinary issues recently.

This next link isn't truly and article, but man it's impressive. While perusing the StingTalk forum, I found this post by user gt_brad who is attempting to collect a ticket stub from every game in Georgia Tech history. Upon reading the first few sentences, I assumed he maybe had 100 or so from across the years, but when I read that he had compiled 748 tickets, 61% of total games played, I was thoroughly shocked and impressed. Be sure to check out his website, found here, where he has uploaded pictures of every single one of the ticket stubs he owns-- it's really quite impressive. If you have any of those tickets that he needs to sell/donate/trade to him, I say go for it. A complete collection would truly be something to see.

Who says the ACC doesn't have a deep wallet? The conference is set to pay out a record 20.8 million dollars to each member school after recording a whopping $291.7 million in total revenue following this season. The most interesting part about that number is that the supposedly obscenely rich SEC (which most people consider the ACC relatively poor compared to) brought in just $1.1 million more than the ACC this season-- only $.1 million more per school than ACC schools received. To me, this illustrates a better balance between the sports in the ACC-- in the SEC, football is notably more prominent than basketball as we well know, but any number of things could contribute to that similarity. Fact: if the bagmen's contributions were counted in the total revenue, the SEC would be able to pay off America's debt over twelve times.

OH LOOK, A UNC ACADEMIC SCANDAL! Just in case you missed this whole snafu involving former Tar Heel Rashad McCants and UNC, McCants claims that he was enrolled in fake classes that he could easily pass and remain eligible with while playing at UNC. There is just nothing anyone can do that will make UNC look good after all of this is over-- it seems to me that it should be pretty easy to prove that McCants didn't attend any classes while in Chapel Hill (assuming that he is telling the truth). I just can't see what McCant would have to gain by lying to everyone about this, and if it is true there should probably be some other players coming forward soon to either confirm or deny the claims (as some have already done).

Daily Debate: Do you believe the claims made by McCants about his academic situation at UNC? Do you think that this is an isolated occurrence (not just at UNC, but only at some DI schools) or does it happen everywhere in the nation? What should the NCAA do about it? Should they do anything about it?