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Georgia Tech Athletics: Yellow Jackets Ink Deal with 680 The Fan

The new radio deal means better radio coverage of Georgia Tech athletics in and around Atlanta.

Buzz Cheering for the Move to 680 The Fan
Buzz Cheering for the Move to 680 The Fan
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

For those of you love baseball, you can understand my excitement over this radio deal. There is just something about listening to the radio when it comes to sports. There have been plenty of awesome announcers in Georgia sports history alone, from Skip Carey, to our beloved Wes Durham, to even the legendary uga announcer Larry Munson. For me, they just add a little bit more to the game than watching it in the event that I cannot be there in person.

For years, we have been played on 790AM The Zone, with minimal coverage and little to talk about. After the downfall of that radio station recently, we have FINALLY been able to move over to the big network, which also includes the Braves, Hawks and dawgs.

What does this all mean you ask? Football and Basketball BOTH being called on the premier market sports station in the south, more radio coverage for you commuters who live in the 20th century (do people still listen to AM?), and for people like me, who live further away, a radio station you can actually bear listening to (I do enjoy listening to C&C in the afternoon, even if Chuck is a hater). Mike Bobinski is continuing to do big things.

What do you guys think? Will this be good for Georgia Tech, or would you have rather we use a different station?