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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Top Prospect Mikell Lands-Davis is Commitment #12

Fridays are cool, but they're even cooler when your team lands the top prospect on its recruiting board.

Hopefully, Lands-Davis can at least compare with him.
Hopefully, Lands-Davis can at least compare with him.

Georgia Tech secured the 12th commitment of its 2015 recruiting class (and ninth in the past month) on Friday in the form of B-Back prospect Mikell Lands-Davis. Reportedly the top prospect on the board for the Yellow Jackets, Lands-Davis announced his commitment over Twitter.

ED. Note: Joey had to go be an adult and go back to work, so I (Ben T) will be finishing up this article.

There's not a whole lot to say about Lands-Davis other than he is an absolute beast. If you watch his film below, you'll find his excellent balance and vision along with a decent arm (around right before 8:00). So instead of saying anything about his talent, I'll let y'all see for yourselves.

Ranked as a three-star by Rivals and four-star by 247, Lands-Davis commits to Georgia Tech over offers from Clemson, Cincinnati, Michigan, North Carolina, NC State, and possibly Miami (247 reports the offer; Rivals doesn't). Coach Andy McCollum was the main recruiter of Lands-Davis, although he had plenty of help from Ted Roof and Brian Waggoner (Assistant Director of Player Personnel) who has been playing a huge role recently.

Georgia Tech's recruiting class has moved up to 29 overall on Rivals and 32 on 247.

There are plenty of people (besides me) who are excited about this commitment.

This is from Montrell Custis, Travis's brother and current Alabama commit

Current GT Commit Tyler Cooksey

Current GT Commit Omahri Jarrett

Our esteemed site manager is also pretty excited. Heck even Carvell of the AJC (well-known dwag-lover) likes this kid and even believes him to be the best RB in the state of Georgia this year. We got a good one! Here's to hoping he truly is committed.