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Technical Tidbits 6/25

Bobby Cremins doesn't need to be a coach to continue his winning ways.

Scott Cunningham

Former Georgia Tech head coach Bobby Cremins was named the Naismith Outstanding Contributor to Men's College Basketball on Tuesday, a fitting honor for the Georgia Tech career wins leader. The award is presented each year to "individuals whose extraordinary efforts have made contributions of outstanding significance and have created a long-lasting positive impact on the game of basketball", a title that fits the Tech great perfectly. The Naismith award is also awarded annually to the most outstanding player and coach in college basketball (both men's and women's) among others. Notable past winners include Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Ralph Sampson, and Coach K-- great company for a great coach.

Georgia Tech recruit Michael Preddy is ready to give 110% effort in his time at Tech, writes the AJC. Preddy is a three-star defensive end out of Charleston, South Carolina with some great size (247 Sports lists him at 6-5, 250, although the AJC article lists him at 6-3 270) and enough athleticism to make a big impact while at Tech. He had other offers from Wake Forest, Louisville, and Rutgers along with interest from powerhouse schools like Clemson, Florida State, Auburn, and South Carolina. I'd be shocked if Preddy faced any kind of behavioral issues while at Tech-- his mother followed him down to Atlanta, a strategy that uga might want to employ to cut down on their... issues.

With ten weeks to go before the 2014  season kicks off, SBN College Football saw a perfect opportunity to rank the top ten conferences in college football. The ACC checked in at third on their list, behind just the SEC and Pac-12 respectively. Their average recruiting rankings were just a tick over 40 (Tech is well below that average), good for third among all conferences, and their 60% out of conference win percentage is the fifth best in the nation, anchored by big wins against uga, Florida, and Auburn (if postseason wins were counted in this statistic).

The sad truth is that Georgia Tech is not the best basketball team in the country. Or the state. Or.. Atlanta? With the recent resurgence of Georgia State's basketball team, now featuring Louisville's Kevin Ware, the Panthers are set to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come in both the Sun Belt and possibly the NCAA Tournament. Their recruiting has been ridiculously good compared to other Sun Belt teams (and some major teams as well), and in due time they could begin to compete at a much higher level, just hopefully not one high enough to hang with the Jackets next door.

Daily Debate: With this being the final edition of TT before tomorrow's NBA Draft, what do you expect to happen with former center Daniel Miller? Will he go make his way onto an NBA team's draft radar or go undrafted?