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Technical Tidbits 6/24

In which the Terps hurt our feelings.

Randy Edsall making the official face of Maryland athletics.
Randy Edsall making the official face of Maryland athletics.

New Georgia Tech safety Shawn Kagawa had a long journey from his native Hawaii to Tech, one that he hopes will be well worth it by the end of his college career. Kagawa was an unranked recruit out of high school who took a long and winding road to Tech, including a couple of stops at other colleges, but could still see some field time this season under Tech's new base defense. What he said at the very end of the article was really interesting-- he mentioned that he would like to act as a trailblazer of sorts in regards to exposing Hawaii natives to conferences other than the B1G and Pac-12. It's a state with a lot of talent, but most of it ends up on the west coast-- that could change if Tech becomes more of a destination for recruits from the islands.

In case you weren't excited enough about the commitment of Kyle Henderson, take a look at this break down by the AJC (but not before you check out FTRS's breakdown here). He is a big DT out of Plant High School in Florida, the school that gave us Aaron Murray, and could have an impact on the Tech team as early as this season-- he has the potential to be a truly great player with arguably the best talent of all the 2015 recruits. I am thrilled to have him on board.

So I promised that I wouldn't post BR articles on here, but I am making myself an exception for this one just because I like the point it brings up. The article lists the most underrated rivalries in all of college football, and Georgia Tech - Clemson makes the list. This rivalry is easily the one with the most bad blood for Tech (behind COFH, obviously) and it is competitive year in and year out. I always make a point to make it to this game, home or away, just because it is always an entertaining matchup.

Hey, let's just head over to the Testudo Times to see what kind parting words they have for Tech, shall we? What's that? "GT is Tech-nically in the ACC but no one cares about them"? Ow, my heart. If I did sideways frowny faces, this where I'd put one. "I know one guy who went to Georgia Tech, and he's pretty cool. The rest of you? I'm pretty sure you're ALL NERDS." We prefer the term genius, thanks. I guess that since they got final shots at us, I get a final shot at the Terps as well. Here we go!

1. Every time I saw "Maryland" on our football schedule I gave a sigh of relief. The good old Terps weren't good for much other than a free beatdown in football.

2. The future outlook for your basketball team is so awful that about half your team transferred in preparation for next season.

Have fun getting the crap kicked out of you in every B1G sport, Terps!

Daily Debate: What parting words (shots) do you have for Maryland?