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Technical Tidbits 6/23

In which we extend a hand to a dwag in need.

Josh Heath
Josh Heath
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Were you hoping that Tech would get off without any sort of mention in the now infamous Ed O'Bannon case? If so, you might want to look the other way-- the Institute was scolded for placing logos of corporate sponsors next to photos of players on the 2014 schedule cards. Tech is obviously not the only school to use photos of players in this manner (you'd be hard pressed to find a DI school that doesn't), but they were used as an example in the trial nonetheless. The article even says that a Tweet from the Georgia Tech Marketing Department was used as evidence in the case, which seems a bit obscure to me. At any rate, the entire basis for the case is that former student athletes need compensation for the use of their images, all of the pictured athletes are of current athletes on the football team. Their photos likely wouldn't be used after they leave Tech, so I don't even see how this has any validity in regards to the actual purpose of the lawsuit.

New Yellow Jacket Josh Heath is excited to be in Atlanta following his decision to transfer from USF. The point guard is expected to either start the season at third on the depth chart behind Corey Heyward and Travis Jorgenson or redshirt the 2014 season in order to bulk up his 6'-2", 165 frame in order to be more effective in a physical CBG scheme. I'm really excited that we were able to land Heath this off-season because he fits a Georgia Tech prototype so well-- a pass-first guy with good vision and instinct. He will surely make a great addition to the roster for CBG and company.

In light of the slew of transfers across college sports in recent years, some are calling for a total reform to the NCAA transfer system, which currently allows coaches and conferences to restrict where a transferring player can go. We saw this come up a few months back with the transfer of Robert Carter-- Mike Bobinski restricted him from transferring to uga, which was not a popular decision over in Athens. The AP article suggests that conferences are willing to negotiate a reform (you know, unless the SEC leads a separatist movement against the NCAA), so there might be light at the end of the tunnel. Just not... good light in some regards (if that makes sense). It would likely mean that transfers would be allowed to occur in-conference without penalty (or not at all) depending on which way the negotiations are heading.

Former uga safety Tray Matthews made a huge mistake even before before getting dismissed from the football team-- he got the uga "G" tattooed across his chest. Matthews, who announced his transfer to Auburn recently, should probably look to cover it up or alter it, but how? That's where the AJC's Tanya Sichynsky comes in. Most of her ideas for an elaborate cover-up are pretty great, but I have a couple of suggestions of my own.

1. Tattoo a "T" after the "G" to make it much less unsightly.

2. Pretend like he's a lifelong Packers fan.

Daily Debate: Should Tech have been called out for their placement of player photos? What will the Ed O'Bannon case change in this regard?

Does the transfer system need a face-lift? How?

How should Tray Matthews cover that hideous "G" on his chest?

Have a hellacious (weren't you getting bored of great?) Monday!