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Technical Tidbits 6/20

In which Daniel Miller begins the long journey to the NBA.

Georgia Tech forward Robert Sampson
Georgia Tech forward Robert Sampson
Grant Halverson

Former Georgia Tech center Daniel Miller has NBA aspirations, but faces a long and tough road ahead of him if he wants to make it onto a professional roster. The big-man certainly has all of the skills to be at least good depth for an NBA team, but if he keeps developing and working he could become a quality starter for a team; he posses all of the traits that current NBA teams are looking for, namely good size, ability to stretch the floor, and shot blocking/defensive ability. I would truthfully be very surprised if Miller's career ends without at least a short stretch in the NBA-- he has a lot to offer to any team.

Ever since he made his decision to transfer to Tech from ECU, PF Robert Sampson has been flying under the radar.When Rober Carter announced his decision to transfer we wondered who would step up in the Georgia Tech front-court, and Robert Sampson may have been the answer the entire time. He seems to have a game similar to that of Daniel Miller-- an array of abilities from shot blocking to mid-range shooting, which should be instrumental in helping improve a terrible Tech offense and anchor the defense, which will be missing a few big contributors from last season. Whether he ends up starting for the Jackets in 2014 or not, what he brings to the table is certainly very exciting for the team.

Everyone's favorite head coach made an appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show this week to discuss a whole bunch of different things about Georgia Tech football and his offensive philosophies. CPJ even touched on how he feels about the way that recruits currently sign/how much weight a commitment should carry. I would definitely with what he says regarding commits; that when a guy makes the promise to play football at any school, other schools immediately start pursuing him even more aggressively. It's a broken system and only one that Paul Johnson, nation hero, could ever hope to fix.

The Collegiate Commissioners Association has begun to research whether or not an early signing period for recruits would be a positive change to make. It would be a big asset for schools like Georgia Tech, which rely on finding recruits early, because the Jackets have been losing a lot of recruits late in the cycle in past years, some due to poor decisions to visit other schools and some to other various reasons. If you ask me, an early signing period would even the playing field out even more across the conferences; no longer could a factory come in after a player commits, flex their football muscles, and steal away said recruit.

Daily Debate: Who will be the main anchor for the Georgia Tech front-court this season?

Have a great day and Go Jackets!